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New Posters For Julia Leigh’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ & Roland Emmerich’s ‘Anonymous’

New Posters For Julia Leigh's 'Sleeping Beauty' & Roland Emmerich's 'Anonymous'

Two new posters have been unveiled for features on opposites ends of our anticipation scale in Julia Leigh‘s erotic thriller “Sleeping Beauty” and Roland Emmerich‘s period conspiracy drama “Anonymous.”

First up is the French poster for Leigh’s film, which is based on her own 2008 Black Listed script originally described as “a haunting erotic fairy tale about a student who drifts into prostitution and finds her niche as a woman who sleeps, drugged, in a ‘Sleeping Beauty chamber’ while men do to her what she can‘t remember the next morning.” Rising thesp Mia Wasikowska was actually set to star in the lead role before she was replaced by Emily Browning due to scheduling conflicts. Mirrah Foulkes, Michael Dorman, Sarak Snook, Rachel Blake and Hugh Keays-Byrne co-star in the pic, which will debut in competition at the Croisette later this month.

Full poster for “Sleeping Beauty” after the jump along with “Anonymous.”

Emmerich’s film, meanwhile, looks to be the master-of-disaster’s take on the English period drama genre with a slice of conspiracy. He’s actually managed to conjure up a decent cast which includes Edward Hogg, David Thewlis, Vanessa Redgrave, Rhys Ifans, Joely Richardson, Xavier Samuel and Rafe Spall but the story which posits that the great playwright, William Shakespeare, didn’t write all those works himself sounds like an excuse for a some decent action. A trailer was recently unveiled and seemingly confirms most of our suspicions. [RecentMoviePosters]

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Sorry, I didn’t see brou’s message. So, we’re agree…

(And sorry for my bad english…)


The poster of Sleeping Beauty isn’t an official poster. It’s a fanmade, with a lot of misspellings. It’s written in french, I’m french, so I know that ! Be carefull !


I don’t know where you found this “french poster” for Sleeping Beauty but it sure isn’t an official one. Simply because there are spelling mistakes in the french texts (“le jour se l’ève” shoud be written “le jour se lève” et “un filme de” should be written “un film de”).
The real french poster is here :
(Nothing indicates it will be the final poster, though)

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