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Nicole Beharie’s “My Last Day Without You” Will Premiere At The Brooklyn Film Festival

Nicole Beharie's "My Last Day Without You" Will Premiere At The Brooklyn Film Festival

My Last Day Without You is a film we’ve anxiously awaited here at S&A…getting tidbits here and there. And now it looks like the movie, starring Nicole Beharie and Ken Duken, will premiere at the Brooklyn Film Festival this June (11th and 12th).

To recap…the story goes, in short, on a one-day business trip to New York, a German business executive (Ken Duken) falls in love with a singer-songwriter and daughter of a pastor, who exposes him to her Brooklyn world, eliciting emotions he’s never experienced before, turning their worlds upside down. Directed by Stefan Shaeffer, the film takes place during the 11 hours of his visit.

In addition, It will be screening for buyers/distributors at Cannes on May 14th.

For schedule and ticket info, please go HERE. Below is the trailer.

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Thank you James and artbizzy for your thoughtful responses.

Black love isn’t just ‘black’.

Also, this: In closing, we need more films produced by us with engaging plots, characters and themes. Yes, yes, and yes. I agree. :)


Definitely want to check out Nicole in this. She has that raw acting talent. I’ve only seen American Violet and Nicole was the highlight there. She’s one to watch.


For industry folks at Cannes, here are screening details for tomorrow, May 14th:

Saturday, May 14th 8pm at Palais B

Sales co is Mission Pictures Int’l


@artbizzy – Great comment. I agree. :-)


@elhaq: Like it or not, it is black love, at least an experience of it. No amount of white men she falls in love with or sleeps with will change the fact that she is black and loving someone. Black and loving someone whether it be ourselves, our people, another black woman or man, our children, someone of another race, or of the same sex is an issue of black love if one or both of the people doing the loving happens to be black.

James Madison

That would be great elhaq, but all of the personal issues you and I would probably want must be factored into who produced, wrote and directed the film, and what their “personal/emotional” investment is.

I don’t expect anyone to make a film, or even to produce a film to my liking, and I have stopped pining for it. If the work is not “insulting” let it exist.

The films that are produced by my people that are personal and speak to me, I applaud. The films that are produced by someone not of my ethnicity, I expect to see their world, vision and perspective, and hope there is a “sensitivity” toward anything that might relate to me.

This film has some interesting scenarios that make the conflict intriguing. That is what I am curious to see. Am I expecting anything personal? Not necessarily, but I want to see if I can be stimulated by the overall film(making).

In closing, we need more films produced by us with engaging plots, characters and themes.


Looks interesting. And from what I’ve seen of Nicole, I really like. So I’ll definitely be checking for this.


already saw it and who cares? black love is what i care about. what about those issues?

James Madison

This is the first time I am hearing about this. The conflict(s) within the movie – time/love/location/culture should lead to some interesting dynamics.

I will have to check it out.

Thanks for posting!

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