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Pam Grier To Co-star In Femme Revenge Flick “Skinny Dip”

Pam Grier To Co-star In Femme Revenge Flick "Skinny Dip"

Pam Grier will join Danny Trejo, Michael Madsen and Sasha Grey in the revenge action flick Skinny Dip , currenly being sold to international markets at Cannes.

The film will be shot starting next month in Colombia, for the independent production company The Zoo. According to the production company, Skinny Dip is about “a girl who takes an innocent dare, ends up terribly victimized and then seeks shotgun-wielding revenge while wearing a stolen police uniform

Evidently, according to the director Frankie Latina, Grier was a real inspiration for him: “I grew up on and have always loved the films of the 70’s and 80’s featuring such on-screen idols as Pam Grier, Laura Gemser (the Indonesian actress who starred in several “Black Emmanuelle” soft core porn films back in the 70’s – Ah yes I remember her well…) and Grace Jones. They contain, in my opinion, some the most powerful female performances in cinema history.

He further added: “Combining the wild, exploitative sensibility of grind-house films with strong female characters drawn from the present – these are the kinds of films I make and want to see.


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I love Pam Grier!!!


Just looked up this Sasha character. Hollywood is funny smh.


hmmm, looks like st8 to video fare.
and when will directors get over sasha grey already. seriously! she’s not particularly attractive and she’s a terrible actor. i haven’t seen her porn work (really, i haven’t! olympian butt-fucking has yet to spur my interest (uh oh, tmi? ;-)) where, apparently, she’s a legend; but she was a serious drag on Entourage last season.

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