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Paramount, Fox, Cameron Relaunch Titanic Again in Retro-3-D

Paramount, Fox, Cameron Relaunch Titanic Again in Retro-3-D

Thompson on Hollywood

I know that James Cameron is invested in the future of 3-D, but it pains me that having set the highest possible 3-D standard with the glorious global blockbuster Avatar, the filmmaker is making Paramount and his home studio Twentieth Century Fox happy by retro-fitting the second-highest-grossing film of all time, 1997’s Titanic, in 3-D. The studios plan a worldwide rerelease on April 6, 2012 to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the ship’s sailing.

The filmmaker and studio promise top-of-the-line quality, of course, but even though Cameron and longtime Lightstorm producing partner Jon Landau are overseeing the 3-D conversion, the bottom line is: real 3-D quality comes from films that are filmed that way from in front. Why can’t we remember this fabulous winner of eleven Oscars in 2-D? I, for one, will not go.

Said Cameron:

“There’s a whole generation that’s never seen ‘TITANIC’ as it was meant to be seen, on the big screen.  And this will be ‘TITANIC’ as you’ve never seen it before, digitally re-mastered at 4K and painstakingly converted to 3D.  With the emotional power intact and the images more powerful than ever, this will be an epic experience for fans and newcomers alike.”

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Nathan Chase

If anyone can do a proper 3D conversion, it’s Cameron. It’d be worth seeing just to see how a post-conversion can be done right for a change.


THOR was a bad conversion, lazy incompetent work. And the public paying to see it in 3D have no idea they were bamboozled.
The tecniques for proper conversion are readily available but the man-hours to do it right are very heavy.
But I have faith that Cameron will make the proper effort.


@Kagan: Batman and Star Trek are not the cultural events that Titanic and Avatar were, there is no point in re-releasing them, especially Star Trek.

The only reason The Dark Knight was such a huge hit was because of the ‘ghoul’ factor surrounding Ledger’s death. Box-office for the forthcoming third Nolan flick will not be on the same level as the second one, more likely somewhere between ‘Begins’ cume and that of ‘Dark Knight’.

Now shall we talk about how Abrams destroyed the soul of Star Trek by robbing it of its poetic and allusive qualities and turning it into a dumb shoot-em up clone of Star Wars was the grandest job of milking an idea/franchise ever?


“having set the highest possible 3-D standard with the glorious global blockbuster Avatar,”

I saw AVATAR in 3-D and if that’s the “highest possible standard,” 3-D will die the lingering death it deserves. That was the last 3-D movie I’ve seen and it was painful. I did not experience the 3-D the way it was apparently supposed to be experienced. I even got up and walked around the entire theater to see if I just happened to be in the wrong seat. No change. Granted, it was most likely a problem with the theater and its digital projection system and the bulb they used, but how would I know WHERE the best place to see it was? And it wasn’t a good enough movie to make me want to see it again somewhere else. (For one thing, it was, like TITANIC, way too LOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG!)

So, count me out on this wave of 3-D.


Titanic came out 14 years ago and James Cameron is still milking it. Until recently, he was still milking Avatar as well. Anyone who goes to see this is living in the past.
He has got to be the greediest man in Hollywood. All those billions of dollars are not enough for him and he is still not satisfied.
You don’t see Nolan and Abrams milking Batman and Star Trek.

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