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‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’ Script Complete But Johnny Depp Isn’t Ready To Sell Out Again Just Yet

'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' Script Complete But Johnny Depp Isn't Ready To Sell Out Again Just Yet

The fact that Disney is already eyeing a “Pirates 5” and “Pirates 6” before “On Stranger Tides” has even set sail in theaters is no secret. Initial plans had the studio thinking about shooting two more sequels back-to-back, while early in the new year it was revealed that Terry Rossio had indeed been hired to pen another film, but without his longtime partner Ted Elliott. Johnny Depp remained cagey on appearing again as Captain Jack Sparrow when asked not too long ago, and with the script now delivered, he’s sticking to that story for now.

THR reports that Rossio is all finished up writing the script for the instalment but the buck is currently stopped on the desk of Depp. An an interview with the trade, Depp reveals that he’s suddenly very concerned — four films in and millions and millions and millions of dollars later — about keeping the integrity of the franchise (whatever remains of it) intact. “It boils down to story, script and filmmaker,” Depp said. “It’s not something where I would say, ‘Let’s shoot it next month to get it out by Christmas 2012. We should hold off for a bit. They should be special, just like they are special to me.”

As of yet, the fifth installment has no director, though Disney was trying to lock down “Stranger Tides” helmer Rob Marshall earlier in the year. As for Depp, it’s probably just a matter of how big of a dump truck full of money and jewels the mouse house will drive up to his doorstep in France. But the actor does have some other projects he may want to get to first including “The Lone Ranger” (which recently had Armie Hammer looking at the co-starring slot) and possibly Katherine Bigelow‘s “Triple Frontier.” But these days, Depp hasn’t really been known to take wild steps out of his comfort zone of big name movies with quirky Depp-esque characters so we’ll see if he truly jumps ship (ha!) or if it’s just a matter of Disney meeting his demands.

Anyway, we figure he’ll be asked endlessly about it next week when he walks the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival where he’ll be presenting “Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.” It opens on May 20th.

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First off everyone wants the most out of something with minimal risk regaurdless of the profession. Second, Depp still chooses roles that aren’t the glamor role per Dr. Watson. Tim Burton offers odd and challenging roles that most people wouldn’t try in fear of the difficulty of looking natural in the role. But if you call a guy a sell out for making tons of money for doing something he is good at remember you are a sell out if you take another job because it pays better.


I have followed Johnny depp’s career since his first movie. Why on earth is he being considered a sell-oiut for doing what he loves? How many other actors have the balls to do what inspires them rather than follow the all mighty dollar. Ironic that Depp helps to create one of the most iconic characters in movie history yet so many complain about the franchise being past its prime. Depp plays Jack Sparrow so well, that I would see him in 10 movies. I adore the quirky character and never tire of it. Hell, he plays Sparrow so well one would think he is truly real. He is also doing something his children can be proud of and at least he’s doing family oriented films. As for the critics, no one pays attention to them anyway. Those who can’t act become critics. I wish him well and hope for many installments of Pirates to come.

Carson Dyle

Johnny Depp was one of the most original and creative actors of the 90’s. He was extremely versatile and chose brave and challenging projects over Hollywood leading man roles. Today, he is the exact opposite: a glitzy, one-note showman.


Johnny has been doing a great job as Jack and Pirates of the Caribbeans will simply not be as close as succesful without him.


He is such a sell out.


Between making 100 million bucks and remaining cool – I choose a 100 million bucks.


Johnny Depp used to be a great actor, but his tiresome collaborations with that sell-out Tim Burton and his milking of the Pirate of the Caribbean franchise have severely eroded his credibility.


Rossio and Elliot’s best script is still ROAD TO EL DORADO.


Johnny Depp used to be cool.


It’d be really cool to see Depp doing some dramatic roles, instead of sticking to the Pirates and Tim Burton roles that he’s been dedicating himself to for the past decade. Then again, maybe he’s found a comfortable niche and he’s going to stick with it.

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