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Production Company For Halle Berry’s “Dark Tide” Aiming For July “Delivery”

Production Company For Halle Berry's "Dark Tide" Aiming For July "Delivery"

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that we’ve seen and heard much more about the romance that blossomed during the making of the film (between Halle Berry and her co-star Olivier Martinez) than about the film!

As much as I love looking at the woman, I wish the paparazzi and press would lay off for awhile, and maybe instead, you know, report on the film, which was shot in South Africa last summer, and we haven’t seen or heard much of since then.

It’s the shark thriller titled Dark Tide, in which Ms Berry stars as a diving instructor who is “drawn to close encounters with the White Sharks that rule the shores of the isolated island on which she lives.” Olivier plays Halle’s husband in the movie, who “chooses ambition over his wife’s safety in a split second encounter with the jaws of death, leading to their marriage nearly falling apart.

The film has an American distributor, according to IMDB, but no official release date. It really should be done by now, and a trailer will probably turn up online soon.

Can’t really say what to expect here… Halle’s stock isn’t very high at the moment, given the reception of her last film, Frankie And Alice; so, Dark Tide could actually turn out to be a significant film in Halle’s career. Although she’s attached to at least 1 high profile project – the Cloud Atlas adaptation by Tom Twyker, shepherded by the Wachowskis, with Tom Hanks confirmed to star. So, who knows.

But other than Dark Tide, which really should be out this year, she doesn’t have any other titles on the horizon. Sure, she has a bit part in the ensemble romcom sequel to Valentine’s Day, titled New Year’s Eve, which I believe will be out before New Year’s Eve, but it doesn’t appear to be much of a role. And she had to drop out of the stage play, The Mountaintop, to tackle a custody battle.

So, I’ll say she’s kind of reeling right now, and in need of a hit. Although, one could argue that she’s been reeling since she won the Oscar 9 years ago.

Anywho… the first teaser poster for Dark Tide was unveiled about a month or so ago, and we shared it here (I embedded it again below if you didn’t catch it).

And, I’ll further add that I contacted the production and sales company behind the film earlier today, to find out what its status is, and neither would reveal much, except to say, in an email I received from Magnet Media Productions, “We are finishing the film to be delivered in July.

No further clarification yet on whether that means exactly; the film is still without an American distributor; although I hear the sales team is at Cannes, previewing and selling it to international territories, and apparently doing so with some success.

So, there ya have it… not much wiser than you were before today. But, at least we know it’s still very much alive, and have an ETA on when we can expect to get our first look at it. Here’s hoping a trailer pops up online soon.

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Paul Montgomery bb

These people will never learn, more trash, don’t waste your money, she is a old washed up hag , who can not tell the truth on anything. Her career is all about sleeping with the big wigs, and now that she is old, no one wants to see her lamb boring sappy dull movie’s. They say she has no black friends in hollywood so now she needs them, to help put her back on the map, but she stab them all in the back trying to make it to the top. Not one A-lister came to her premeire for frankie and alice, another sleeper. Halle is a joke, and people are laughing at her behind her back, about well we know what they are saying. She can not go anywhere with out her manager because she acts unbalanced, weak and fragile,. Halle is a has been, overrated for years, now she needs people like washed up old 45 Garcelle beauvais to help convence black people she has black friends, what a laugh. No one will go see her movies, she has never been a A-lister. She just thought she was.


I love Halle Berry and her movies, YES even Cat Woman! When I’m a fan I stay devoted. Love, Love, Love Halle Berry. She’s the prettiest woman on the planet. Ageless Beauty!!! Some wish they could look as good as this beautiful woman. Can’t wait to see Dark Tide with the incredibly beautiful Halle Berry!!

archbishop rasbeausha johnson-williams

oh boy, let’s see. frankie and alice only made $10K at the movie theaters. this movie will make nothing because A) people are sick of paying $15 to see bad movies with old ugly sick actresses with eating disorders and B)we look at movies on b o o t l e g. how you doing?


More trash, she can not act at all, and she is way to old. She way overrated. Hey they call it boring. Her movies are boring and she has always been boring and lie to much, We knew she was using the father to her kid for his color.


Oh Halle, I’ve heard good things about Frankie and Alice, but this screams 90s video store movie. You know the one you use to rent when all the hot new release movies were out of stock and you didn’t want to leave the store empty-handed.


Looks like yet another flop. NEXT!


Aiming for July delivery? We’re already in mid May and they haven’t even secured a U.S. distributor yet. Allegedly it’s being shopped around at Cannes so if there’s no news about a deal soon we can conclude that this POS movie was rejected and is likely another bomb for Berry.
The story sounds very Lifetime and the screenwriter has no experience.
The only talent involved is director John Stockwell. So you may get stunning visuals despite bad acting and a bare bones, Lifetime esque story line.

As for Olivier, she will break it off with him immediately after the film bombs because he’ll no longer be of any use to her and her career. And then she’ll badmouth him to the press and act like he’s the worst thing to happen to her life as she does with all of her exes.


YAWN This flick looks like a slew of jaws meets perfect storm kinda movie. Nothing special about it ever since she won her Oscar her film roles have been very downhill in my opinion.

I mean she had a few good films before her Oscar win like Losing Isaiah, Queen, Their eyes were watching God, The Wedding etc. But after her win she started look really desperate playing stupid roles for money like Catwoman her best movie today would have to be Frankie & Alice.


Fact check–she supposedly dropped out of “Mountaintop’ due to scheduling difficulties with Cloud Atlas which starts in Sept. MT was to start in Sept/Oct. A gal can’t be in two places at once, can she. Allegedly the MT producers assumed she was dropping out because of more custody stuff without consulting first with Berry or her publicist before issuing a statement. Kind a makes sense, when Aubry had already been looking to take a place for 6 plus months a few weeks before Halle got clearance to do NYE.


Is this a Jaws remake? Doesn’t look interesting but I’ll bet it’ll make money anyway. And if you think Halle and her camp isn’t feeding the tabloids, I’ve got two towers in NY I’d like to sell you.


also not mentioned above, she has a role in the Farrely brothers comedy with Hugh Jackman,Kate Winslet( remember the pics released of her on set with big boobs and swoll face)


@ Kman, i could’nt agree more, Halle turned in one of her best performances in Frankie and Alice, too bad everyone i know has already seen it on bootleg so if it ever does come out i doubt it will do very well, but here’s to hoping Dark Tide is worth watching and that people go to see it


I love Halle Berry and think she is a great actress, so I do agree with you and wish the paps would stop hounding her and the media actually talk about her upcoming work (s). I had an opportunity to see Frankie and Alice and Halle did an EXCELLENT job!! It’s too bad the movie is somewhere in distribution/ release limbo. I’m interested to see what Dark Tide looks like.

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