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Production On “Skank Robbers” Is Apparently Underway (I Apologize)

Production On "Skank Robbers" Is Apparently Underway (I Apologize)

The Oscar winner was on route to start work on her next project The Skank Robbers, a film written by fellow actors Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence.

So… even though we all hoped that it was all just a joke, or as Sergio previously put it, a “trial balloon,” it looks like that Jamie Foxx/Martin Lawrence Wanda & Sheneneh movie, Skank Robbers, is a go, if the above quote from a Daily Mail piece on Halle Berry and her current main squeeze, Olivier Martinez, is accurate. You can read the entire article HERE.

As previously reported, Halle Berry joined the cast late last year.

The above quote refers to photos that appear in the Daily Mail piece, showing Berry and Martinez in transit – she in a car; he on a motorcycle.

Sony Pictures (the studio backing the project) had previously given the Jamie Foxx & Martin Lawrence comedy, an August 19, 2011 release date, but I don’t see that happening, if the film is just now going into production.
Thanks Erica K.

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I don’t know why some people are bad mouthing them,nobody is putting African Americans in movies so we doing it ourselve theyy chose skank robbers as a movie what they are not call all black women skanks so don’t be offended,they are making more money than we all do put together so who are we to say they shouldn’t do it,this is what they do,write,produce and act…they been doing this long and it was successful so leave it be..precious,the color purple,for colored girls,boyz in thood,etc portrayed black people as violent,weed smoking people or just ignorant people..nobody complains about that..not saying those are horrible movies Ilove them all I’m just saying there is a long list of movies out there that portray black folks wrong and not just skank robbers


Lighten up! This is COMEDY, our sense of imagination shouldn’t be destroyed by the shady business of hollywood. Of course I agree that we need more serious roles for AM people but let’s face it they are not coming there. But why knock a comedy movie and these actors for that. They are ACTORS and they are COMEDIANS support them and let them do their jobs. Write Hollywood and knock HOLLYWOOD for not giving the right roles to them. DUH!


People stop taking youselves so seriously i don’t see white people all in a uproar when Jim Carey does his comedy films like dumb & dumber or adam sandler in the waterboy. its only entertainment and if society has not realized by now that black people are smart and intelligent not just here to make u laugh or dunk a ball or score a touchdown oh well they never will. Be secure with who we are as people and stop caring about what white people think about us!


Im in, only if Halle is reprising her role as Nisi from B*A*P*S though.


Im in, only if Halle is reprising her role as Nis from B*A*P*S though.

STOP the Media Smear Campaign Against Black Women

@CurlieRose: And any others interested in stopping Skank Robbers, please see the form letter to send to the studios that are responsible for this continual trashing of Black women.

Send your protest letter today – get your here:


Can we please set up a petition to have this atrocity pulled from the studios and from any source of media venue! This is going to be a another huge pile of shit mounting on the millions of others that plague the Black community. Hasn’t our image in the media been horrid enough, I’m really tired of seeing grown men dressed as women especially stereotypical Black women! I’m not a big fan of any of these actors and frankly I considered them untalented, but they really have fallen far, and I am sick of seeing this buffoonery in Black Films….we get enough of this shit from Tyler Perry!!



Must we be skanks??? Oh wait, this isn’t “we” (women), but two men dressed as women pretending to be “we”.

“We” can’t get leading roles in “we” roles, but studios will sign off with the quickness for “them” as “we”. SMH.

Once upon a time “Wanda” and “Sheneneh” were funny to me…but then I graduated from 8th to 9th grade, saw “Set it Off” where “we” were “we” and I grew up, out and away from all of that. Then came the one “Madea” play that made me chuckle, but since then? None more of this faux-“we”. Can’t take it.

But this will be a smash (or disastuh) of epic (or urban) cinematic proportion.


Barf. So dissappointed in those 2. I keep thinking of her tonguing down Jamie at some awards show and him grabbing her @ss. Now this movie.


@ Lynn

Wouldn’t hold my breath on that. She’s only in this movie because Jamie Foxx (star, writer & producer) is desperate to get some HB azz. And Halle has not been in a movie released to theaters since 2007 so she’s desperate too and will take what she anything she can get.


I will dance over the ashes of all of their dead careers after this one.


Ummmm….ummmm.. Mmkay.
Just can’t break away from dressing up in women’s clothes


WTF! Did they all fall on their heads or something? Why? Why? Why? Will you just look at Jamie Foxx. They must each be getting paid 10 billion dollars to put back into rebuilding the continent of Africa. And this is the only way they could get that money. That’s the truth, right? Yeah, that’s gotta be it. Please tell me that’s it. Those characters got buried with Martin and In Living Color. We can revive them with reruns and that it. I’m gonna go light a candle for Hattie Mcdaniel, Buttafly McQueen, Lena Horne, Dorothy Dandridge now and all those other departed sistas Hallie gave a shout out to at her Oscar win. Where’s Bill Cosby now so he could buy up all the rights to these shows and lock them in a vault somewhere. Wow, if I’m looking for Bill Cosby I must really be pissed.


Are yawl kidding me? Martin, Jamie and Halle, I’m all in. Seriously, I don’t know who’s not working or why so black folks don’t get paid, but I know this will make me laugh and that’s my only concern.

And I feel the say way about Tyler latest. I saw it this weekend. Mr Brown got on my nerves (sometimes) but I laughed a few time. The closing scene had me rolling. Some of you know that Mr Brown and Medea have a child together, right. Well, if you didn’t know, now you do. Anyway, they went on the Maury Povich show to determine if Mr Brown was really the father of their grown child. Let me tell, that sh*t crack me up. Yelp, I laughed my ass off. And, although I can’t stand Loretta Devine’s acting, she fit her part. So, in short, I just left my cynical eye behind and enjoyed what my heart and mind allowed me to do. I didn’t question why I was laughing, I just laughed when something hit my laugh zone.

Come on Martin and Jamie, do me.


Huh? This ish is real?

Hmmm…Halle Berry will be in this so i guess she is back to starring in predominantly all Black cast movies now huh?

other song



The same day I wrote that earlier piece a few months ago that the project might be a “trail balloon” I was contacted by someone involved with the film informing me that he had just come from a pre-production meeting for the project and that it was a definite go.

He also claimed that everyone would be “surprised” by the film and that it wouldn’t be what people think it will be. What he meant by that I couldn’t tell you, but’ c’mon we ALL know what it’s going to be like.


I love Martin and Jamie, but I keep hoping the making of this movie is just a bad dream I can’t wake up from…. I’ll wait to see them in Bad Boy 3 and Miami Vice 2 respectively..


And some people wonder why black actors don’t get as much respect as their lighter counterparts. Standards people!

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