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Rachel Weisz In Talks For Female Lead In ‘The Bourne Legacy’

Rachel Weisz In Talks For Female Lead In 'The Bourne Legacy'

For an actress who has largely steered clear of the tentpole world, it looks like Rachel Weisz is ready to trade in status as a top tier actress for some mad bank.

Deadline reports that just a week after it was reported that Weisz was looking to nab the role of the elder witch in “Oz The Great And Powerful,” the actress has put another huge franchise in her sights. The actress is now looking to take the female lead role opposite Jeremy Renner in “The Bourne Legacy” directed by Tony Gilroy. Whoa.

Female roles in the franchise haven’t ended well for the characters. Franke Potente was killed off in “The Bourne Supremacy” and the possibility of romance with Julia Stiles was secondary to “The Bourne Ultimatum” which was more about Jason Bourne’s mission to finally get to the bottom of Operation Treadstone. Not much is known about the film except that it will focus on a different person entirely leaving the door open for Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass if/when they want to. But certainly, throwing Weisz into the mix puts two huge acting talents front and center of the pic, which is tremendously exciting.

The only question left is if Weisz can do both ‘Oz’ and ‘Bourne’ or if she will have to choose between the two. The former shoots this summer with the latter starting in September so it’s conceivable she could do both, but schedules will have to be locked. Still, it’s another exciting development in an entry that is shaping up to be no mere spinoff.

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Excuse me this is beyond foolish but do you work for Ann? Why would you get upset if people say that Rachel Weisz should have gotten the role? This is not the only place where i read that people were saying that Rachel Weisz should have gotten the role.

this is beyond foolish

People , please give it up. Anne Hathaway aced her screen test for Catwoman- opposite Christian Bale- you can’t knock her for that. Don’t hate, congratulate. At least , have the common decency to actually judge Anne’s performance , after seeing the film, and then give an opinion. People did this same crap with Heath Ledger, before he wowed them with his performance. And , it was reported that Rachel Weisz read for the role that went to Marion Cotillard- not the Catwoman role.

What does ‘The Bourne Legacy’ have to do with Catwoman ? Angelica Jade & Todd are you both on Ms. Weisz’s payroll ? Because I keep reading these same comments about Rachel should have been Catwoman. Yes, Todd , Anne can actually act.


Love Rachel Weisz so much, she is so talented and any film with her is worth seeing and usually all of her films I really love because she just shines and she can actually act. And her and Jeremy Renner would be great. He is a great actor.

Ugh I am beyond annoyed that Hathaway got Catwoman, I’m sorry but did I miss the memo that said Anne Hathaway could act. Whatever. Catwoman can be cheesy and Anne will probably make it very cheesy.


Rachel would be the only reason for me to see this film.

Kevin Klawitter

“Steered clear of the tentpole world”? It was the Mummy series that made her a star, remember.

Angelica Jade

I am now interesting in ‘The Bourne Legacy’. I love Rachel Weisz such an amazing actress. I wish she played Catwoman instead of Hathaway.

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