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Red Band Trailer for Girl with Dragon Tattoo: Feel Bad Movie of Christmas

Red Band Trailer for Girl with Dragon Tattoo: Feel Bad Movie of Christmas

Thompson on Hollywood

Columbia, with its red band trailer of David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (which has not been removed from YouTube, below), is selling edgy: “The feel bad movie of Christmas.” Meanwhile, the trailer cuts together tantalizing glimpses of everyone in the movie–especially heroic leading man Daniel Craig– but precious little of the girl we want to see and her dragon tattoo. Yes, there’s a skinny naked torso as Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara) takes off her shirt, and shots in the dark of a speeding cycle. At trailer’s end, we get “she’s coming,” which cops to the fact that Salander is the draw here.

But this trailer is a teaser, indeed. (Update: official green band version is now pasted below.)

[Photo of Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander courtesy of W.]

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I happened to like the Swedish movies and the books, but this trailer does absolutely nothing for me. No story, no clue as to how the characters are drawn, nothing but style lacking substance. I guess they figure they have a built in audience of the readers of the books. And they are probably right. The art of the trailer died many years ago.

John B

That was pure trash. Compared to the trailer for Social Network that totally sucked. and whoever shot the pirate video should use a better camera.


Is that a trailer or a music video? All those quick cuts don’t tell me a damned thing about the movie. It’s marketing like this that keeps me out of movie theaters these days.


The main draw to this movie appears to be rape tortue porn and a naked flat chested girl that looks like a boy. The rest (corruption and family secrets) is routine. Everyone’s got to eat but David Fincher is so much better than this. Really disappointed in his taking on the remake of this mediocre book series. Even the trailer looks like a shot for shot of the original Swedish movie and boring book. Meh.

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