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Reginald Hudlin’s “Black Panther” Animated Series Now Streaming On Netflix

Reginald Hudlin's "Black Panther" Animated Series Now Streaming On Netflix

If you didn’t purchase the DVD disc when it was released in January, AND you have a Netflix account with the Instant Watch feature, you can now stream Reginald Hudlin’s Black Panther motion comic/animated series – Marvel Knights Animation: Black Panther.

The 12-episode series was to debut on BET in 2009, but never did, because, as Hudlin himself stated, BET wouldn’t air it because they felt is was too male and young for their core audience. Each episode is only about 10 minutes long, for a total of roughly 120 minutes, or about a 2-hour feature.

The all-star cast of actors giving voice to the animated characters include Djimon Hounsou as the titular character, aka T’challa, with Kerry Washington, Jill Scott, Alfre Woodard and Carl Lumbly filling out the supporting roles.

I still haven’t seen much of the series, except for a clip here and there, which left me underwhelmed and uninterested in seeing the rest; but, since I do have a Netflix account, with Instant Watch, I’ll give it a look some time later. It’s now on my queue. I believe you can also find it all on YouTube by the way…

Watch the intro credit sequence below:

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as a black male dealing with the medias perception of what is black this was sobering i am and my kids are fans young black kids need this please get it back on air make more please we need it as a people

Joshua Sandridge

I just watched the entire Black Panther season. This was better than good. It was inspiring. I hope you shop this to BET again. I don’t care what the past was. It needs to be seen. Do a motion picture too. Contact cartoon network. I am a fan. I would love to have some of my artist create a song from the shows theme song as well.

Joshua Sandridge

Willy Legagneur

Thank You, for continuing to be truthful and bold with you works brother. I watched the whole series in two nights. PLEASE make more, because our children need to see what is possible when you stand up for your purpose in life.

Kitonga Alexander

I meant to type the word “seen” on the previous post.

Kitonga Alexander

This is the best series that I have see. The topics that they touched on were very deep and provoked a lot of positive discussion in my community.They infused the plot of the series with some true event in the history of Africa wich allowed for history to be discussed. The only complaint I have about this series is that there isn’t another season to watch with my family. Watch it on netflix and get the dvd as well! How can we get this series continued into more?


This show is absolute garbage! Bottom line. The story basically pisses on the entire marvel universe just to satisfy the black demographic. Every white man on the show is a racist or just weak. I am ashamed at Stan Lee for even approving this reverse racism parade. If you hate white people and love rapeing african women then this show is just for you!

james Madison

I recommend it.

My constructive criticism is that I wish the animation was more fluid. Great drawing style and a good purchase. It is good to have escapism with characters of African descent.


Duane Deterville

Don’t underestimate this animated series on arguably the best Black Superhero ever created. This series contains subtext about colonialism, the Berlin conference, US and Catholic church involvement in Neo-colonialism and more located in Afrifuturist mythos. This is great entertainment for both youth and adults to watch at the same time. If you’re a brotha’ looking for something to watch with your 13 year old son or daughter check this out. I highly recommend it!

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