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Rev. T.D. Jakes To Co-produce “Heaven Is For Real” for Sony

Rev. T.D. Jakes To Co-produce "Heaven Is For Real" for Sony

With the opening weekend box office success of Jumping The Broom for Tri-Star/Sony Pictures, it looks like the studio may have found it’s very own Tyler Perry in the form of Rev. T.D. Jakes, who has already produced several films, including Broom; now Rev. Jakes has struck a deal to co-produce (along with veteran Hollywood producer and former Fox Studio chief Joe Roth ) a filmed version of the best selling non-fiction book Heaven is For Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip To Heaven And Back.

The book, written by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent, which has sold over 4.5 million copies to date, and has been on the New York Times Bestseller List for weeks, chronicles the story of Burpo’s now 11 year old son Colton. When he was 4 years old, he nearly died during an emergency appendectomy operation.

However, after he recovered, Colton told his family that he “went to Heaven, actually looking down at the doctors operating on him and his family praying in the waiting room. And he slowly began telling them details about his miscarried sister, and his long-dead grandfather, none of which he should have known about. He then revealed to his family what it was like during his visit in Heaven, before he was sent back to his family.

You know, I had an emergency appendectomy operation myself, about 12 years ago, and I didn’t see nuttin!

No word yet as to a script (which one assumes is being written right now), cast, director or a shooting start date.

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Sonya Steele

When I see the name T.D. Jakes associated with a movie, I stay far, far away.


Let’s see, I am going to “try” to be nice, but I’ve been trying in vain to understand our money making preachers. So I need a little help.

The Rev. Ike — Ike Turner — Iceberg Slim – T D Jakes

Rev. Ike is gone. Many were trampling his grave. But listen, pointing fingers at a pimp or calling him a pimp, does little to stop his pimping ways. If you hand a pimp a mirror in an attempt to show him his usurper’s ways, it’s a good bet he’d grab that mirror and smile while he combed his hair. Consequently check this …”The Reverend Ike was nothing more than a pimp” … stuff, really!? Ike Turner tried to pimp the shit out of Tina Turner …’re kidding me, really!?. Iceberg Slim was a pimp …..AND? Tell me something I don’t know! T D Jakes is a…..

I don’t want to preach to the choir but Rev Ike is dead and Tina is no longer with Ike Turner. Yet, their messages are still alive. Pimpin’ ain’t easy but it appears to pay real good. So, if I am not talking to the choir, who am I talking to? Well, although it’s doubtful very many past or present ladies of the night or those into prosperity preachers, will raise their hands, I’d nevertheless like to know what’s the damn deal. I wonder about those that give their money to men that serve a god of gold and money? I wonder if they’re weak and easily led astray or simply want to be part of a well dressed crowd? It has to be something deeper.

I am having a hard time understanding why someone would send money to a person that drives a $100,000 car and they – themselves – are riding the bus. Even more perplexing are the so called intelligent individuals, with stable jobs, who are also bamboozled into believing sending money through the mail or buying into the hype of T D and the boys, will get them a seat in heaven. Is it about heaven? Or is it more like Richard Pryor’s character in Car Wash — Daddy Rich? Do people fall in love with the lure of the man?

That reminds me, Car Wash is a classic movie. That joint was funny as hell. But speaking of Hell, who can forget a memorable song from that movie “am goin’ down”? I wonder where Rev Ike and the others are going? If one believes in the concept of God, they have to believe be in the concept of a Devil. Where does he live?

Now check this, I know prostitution is a mind game. It’s also a money game. But aside from forced labor, I can not understand someone that sells their ass and works their ass off, and then gives their money to someone else.

So I doubt a prostitute or T D Jake’s followers will comment, but I wish they would. I wish someone would tell me what’s really going on?

But you know what, I know a few prostitutes — I was raised with them but I’ve never asked them why they did what they did. For the most part, I knew it was usually about drugs. Some got trapped by the promise of easy money and the posibility of meeting Richard Gere (Pretty Woman). But what believable promise would propel a person to send money to a rich man they didn’t even know? I am talking about sending their hard earned cash before they pay their mortgage or add to their children’s college fund. What has to happen to the brain that tells an individual to sell parts of their EBT card (foodstamps) so they can send-off for a prayer clothe? What is a prayer clothe anyway?

Is this whole pimpin’ people game reserved for fools and the easily mislead? Can we talk? I would like to ask a few people what they receive from listening to the eloquent call of black men in tailor made suits,

Please, it you’ve done so, give me a holler.


YAWN I don’t like him or Tyler Perry


SMDH and I’m a christian!

other song

silly Bible-thumping bullshit.

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