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Rob Marshall to Direct Warners Thin Man Remake with Johnny Depp as Nick; Who’s Nora?

Rob Marshall to Direct Warners Thin Man Remake with Johnny Depp as Nick; Who's Nora?

Thompson on Hollywood

It’s official: Rob Marshall and John DeLuca will produce a remake of The Thin Man through their LUCAMAR Productions, with Marshall directing. Johnny Depp will star and Jerry Stahl (Bad Boys II) is scripting the “classy and classic project,” as Marshall calls it. He is “overjoyed” to work with Depp again, natch (he directed him in this summer’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides), and says:”We are looking forward to working with Warner Bros. to create a reinvention of a beloved story.”

The iconic 1934 film (based on the last novel by Dashiell Hammett) was directed by W. S. Van Dyke and starred William Powell and Myrna Loy (pictured) as witty tipplers Nick and Nora Charles. So now the question is, who should play Nora character to Depp’s Nick? And don’t forget Asta.

Depp is also producing, as are Christi Dembrowski (Infinitum Nihil) and Kevin McCormick (Langley Park Pictures).

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Colin Gerrard

Hello. I am with the Wire Fox Terrier Club of Canada and wondered if they have a Wire lined up to play Asta in the Thin Man remake with Johnny Depp? I look forward to your reply. Thank you.
Yours truly, Colin Gerrard.


If they’re willing to think a little outside the box, they should forget about a “movie star” and get Broadway superstar Sutton Foster. She’s perfect for Nora and it would instantly make her an A-lister in the rest of the country.

The Pope

You’re absolutely right. Moonlighting was to the 80s what The Thin Man was to the 30s. It will be hard to replicate but what they really need to nail from the Powell & Loy partnership is the repartee. Their exchanges were like champagne. Swellegant.


If Bruce Willis & Cybil Shepherd were much younger, I could see these two starring in this remake. I still enjoy their brilliant work and incredible chemistry on ” Moonlightling “.


Ellen Page in ten years would be perfect for Nora. Who could play Nick in ten years? I got it–Michael Fassbender! They’re only ten years apart. Ellen will be 34 in ten years/Fassbender will be 44. (Myrna Loy was 28 in 1934/William Powell was 42.)

Anne Thompson

It will be a tall order to compare with the wit and class of the original. But few young moviegoers today have a clue what The Thin Man really means.


This is quite unnecessary! The original films have stood the test of time really well and are still just as brilliant and hilarious today.


Announcing a Thin Man update without mentioning the female lead is ludicrous. The Thin Man series is all about the pairing of Nick and Nora, and the old movie series was all about the interplay between Loy and Powell. The woman in the project is equally as important as (if not stronger than) the male lead. To put this out as a “Johnny Depp” project shows you how much this will NOT be a Thin Man remake, but more of a Depp vanity deal. . . .not a bad thing, but not a Thin Man movie.

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