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Saoirse Ronan Takes Dual Roles In ‘The Host’; Andrew Niccol Might Return To Direct

Saoirse Ronan Takes Dual Roles In 'The Host'; Andrew Niccol Might Return To Direct

Well here’s some Saoirse Ronan news we didn’t expect. Though it’s largely assumed — but still not confirmed — that she will be re-teaming with Peter Jackson with a role in “The Hobbit” and Joe Wright is waiting on her for “Anna Karenina,” Ronan’s next announced project is neither of those and something quite different instead.

Deadline reports that Ronan is set to star in “The Host,” based on the book by “Twilight” scribe Stephenie Meyer. While there are no vampires, the tale is another supernatural love story, this time set in the near future where alien parasite “souls” benevolently take over the consciousness of humans. One such “soul,” named Wanderer, inhabits the body of a dying woman, Melanie Stryder, who just happens to be obsessed with finding the last group of surviving humans. And thus yet another forbidden love is born. The high concept will find Ronan taking both roles of Wanderer and Melanie in the picture, which is certainly an intriguing prospect. And while we’re not too keen on the source material, the possible return of Andrew Niccol to the director’s chair has our interest piqued.

As you might recall, Niccol originally worked closely with Stephenie Meyer on the script and was in line to direct before he became busy with his upcoming thriller “Now.” Back in February, Susanna White, director of episodes of HBO‘s “Generation Kill” and “Nanny McPhee Returns,” had signed on to helm the film, but she’s now out of the picture.

The film will head to Cannes next month, hitting the market looking for buyers. No word on when it might actually film, but considering Niccol is still working on “Now” in advance of its release on October 28th we don’t see it happening until afterward. And that still leaves time in Ronan’s calendar to work on Jackson and Wright’s films if/when those details come together.

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I picture Melanie Jameson as a middle aged woman, sitting home, roaming site to site, googling “movies” and “stephanie meyers”, to just plug any positive info about Meyer’s work. It will never work. Shit, will always be shit.


“…this time set in the near future where alien parasite “souls” benevolently take over the consciousness of humans.”

Imagine what Tarkovsky could do with this premise!


lol at the comment from melanie jameson.
how about more reactionary anti-feminist propaganda from a mormon woman who is writing sub-par love stories.


Niccol is DA MAN


@reg….Keira Knightley is playing ANNA….Ronan would be playing Kitty.


i can’t speak on meyer’s books, but the movies suck. as for ronan, she seems a promising actor, esp. from “atonement.” “hanna” was a bore, but it wasn’t HER fault. i place that squarely on wright’s shoulders. which begs the question: who the hell is she going to play in “anna karenina”? unless this is a serious rewrite, he’s going to be waiting 15 years (if that!) for her to be old enough to get anywhere near the title role.


Bullcrap. The Lovely Bones but worse. I smell a stinker.

Melanie Jameson

Wohoo!! Another amazing movie about strong and independent women on quests for self-discovery. Stephenie Meyer is an icon and one of the strongest feminist voices in contemporary cinema with really iconic strong, empowered and sexy female heroines in all of her masterful novels – Kristen Stewart and now Saoirse Ronan.

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