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Sequels and Hollywood – Hardly Any Women Centric Titles

Sequels and Hollywood - Hardly Any Women Centric Titles

The site Den of Geek put together a list of all the sequels in the works in Hollywood. There are 95 on the list. Many will never happen. Many will.

It’s interesting to note that only 6 of the 95 are women centric and we could probably all guess how many will be directed and written by women — not too many.

None of the films on the list are a surprise. The narrative stays consistent. Successful films about women are flukes, successful films about men breed sequels.

Here they are:
Enchanted 2
Hanna 2
Salt 2
Sex and the City 3
Twilight: Breaking Dawn (being filmed)
Underworld 4

What films to do you think should have a sequel in the works and don’t? I’m thinking Mamma Mia
95 movie sequels currently in the works (Den of Geek!)

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Bigger Brother

There’s an old saying:
“Those who can, do. Those who can’t …. whinge and jump up and down screaming “DISCRIMINATION!!!””


I hope Salt 2 gets made. The first one was such a fun watch and I would hate not to find out what’s next for Evelyn.

Courtney Landes

I would love to see Salt 2. I just saw Hanna last night, and my mind is still reeling. I did note that the vast amount of unanswered questions left a significant possibility for a sequel, but the ending didn’t feel like it was “set up” for a sequel in the traditional sense. I will probably go see Sex & the City 3 even though I was disappointed in the 2nd one. I watch those movies because there is just such a dearth of movies about female friendships where the women aren’t tearing each other down.

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