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Should Black Celebrities Boycott “Celebrity Apprentice?”

Should Black Celebrities Boycott "Celebrity Apprentice?"

I admit I’ve never seen the show, and I’ve never had any interest to see the show. And after Donald Trump put on his Grand Kleagle KKK hood and robes, with his whole “birther” issue, I’ve had even less reason to see it.

But that doesn’t seem to bother people, as the show is one of the most popular of the few hit shows on NBC, which is actually getting beat on some nights in the ratings, by Telemundo. So the network badly needs Celebrity Apprentice. But the show, because of Trump, has now become a headache for the network and they’re facing another problem.

The political advocacy group Color of Change has launched a Twitter based campaign aimed at black cast members Star Jones, Lil John, and other current cast members on the show, to call out Trump for the racist pig that he is.

According to Rashid Robinson, the executive director of COC, they want the cast to know that, “they can’t have a relationship with the black community and have a relationship with Trump and not call him out for his actions.

Which brings up the question, should black celebrities just boycott Celebrity Apprentice period? If I was a washed-up, has-been, D-list celebrity (and let’s be honest, who else but washed-up, has-been, D-listers appear on the show?), and I was offered a spot, I would turn it down. How could I look at myself in the mirror while being associated with anything involving Trump?

What do you say?

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nikki Emmerson

observation…This is what the real world is like. We’ve all seen this asshole before. The way to play this game is to stay focused,strong and not to fall prey to the petty arguments that usually eliminate us.

He only takes notice to success and thise that rise above the stupidity. Then again he always gives the silent one a break…take note…be quiet and you will last. The cowboy and the deaf actress will be the final choice…


Donald being a bully hits society in the gut and demonstrates to our young people, kids, that it’s OK to do so. If Trump has to put others down to make himself look good…again, he isn’t worth the time it takes to listen to his hate. We live in a historical time where our black presiden has made it. He has more dignity, credibility, and self respect in his little finger than Trump. And I’m proud to be an american with a leader of such virtue and respect. Trump would be and is a joke to the US.

Dankwa Brooks

To quote SLJ in ‘DTRT’ “YALL NEED TO CHILL THAT SHIT OUT!” Dang WTF?! WTF?! WTF?! “Can’t we all j..ju..just get all along?” Gee whiz. *big sigh*

Anyway, This what I posted on Facebook-

I was a HUGE fan of Donald Trump. Even before ‘The Apprentice’ he seemed like such a character. When ‘The Apprentice’ came on I liked the show and have seen every season of ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘Celebrity Apprentice’. He spoke his mind and when he feuded with someone (Rosie O’Donnell for example) he spoke his mind and was usually unrelenting which I thought was cool. I really don’t like people who don’t speak their mind and are phony. You can speak your mind without being crude.

I must also say that even as a fan, I was well aware that Mr. Trump was almost as much a hype man as Flavor Flav in his Public Enemy days. I liked his celebrity and his braggadocio. Everything he built and put his name on was the “biggest”, “brightest” and “most beautiful” and again I can dig that. What are you supposed to say this new multi million dollar skyscraper you out up is “ok”? He was more a brand than a man and I appreciated that too.

Lately though he has been a real asshole. To quote the President “We do not have time for this kind of silliness.” I know this kind of crap is the usual Republican trickery.

During the 2004 Presidential campaign they famously made someone who actually served in the Vietnam war John Kerry seem “unfit to serve” (The Swift Boat controversy, and someone who never stepped foot near a war George W. Bush, ( seem like some great leader.

Trump seems to be following this same modus operandi and while I can say the American public is too smart to fall for this all I have to say is look to this: Bush overwhelming won in 2004, the enduring popularity of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement. His poll numbers are high even though he hasn’t declared candidacy for anything…maybe biggest asshole, but I digress.

As I said at the beginning I used to really like Trump and I will finish watching this season of ‘Celebrity Apprentice” for I have already invested in most of the season, but if he keeps up his assholery by attacking the President personally and not on the issues I doubt if I’ll watch the next season.

the duke3399

The only way to stop Trump,is to hit him in the pocket book. Boycott,Boycott,Boycott.

the duke3399

Yes Donald Chump is a racist. I hope that all people of color boycott anything his name is on.


Have you ever thought of Pepsi being racist!!!

These are the companies that Advertise on Donald Trump Apprentice. Please show them what we can do. Boycott these products.

7UP Applebee’s, AT&T, Buitoni, Canada Dry, Capital One, Cheetos, Citi Bank, Farouk Systems, Ford, Hometown Buffet, Home Depot, Hyundai, JCPenney,Jell-O,Kay Jewelers,Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats,KFC,LG, Lowes, Lincoln
L’Oreal, Lysol, Macy’s, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Nationwide Insurance, Ocean Spray, Panasonic, Pepsi, Proctor & Gamble, Samsung, Stouffers, Subway,T-Mobile, Visa, Wendy’s, Yoplait.


I like Star Jones. She has conducted herself with a lot of class. That NeNe is really out of order – her lewdness and general vulgarity is disgraceful. Hope she gets thrown off the show soon. Cannot take much more of her and her antics!!!!!


oh, and Bonnie too. All sorts of wrong in your statement.


Mike and George – take your fake asses back where you came from. Nobody here is drinking that koolaid.

Mike Houlihan

So anybody who disagrees with Obama is now labeled a racist?


So now all anyone has to do to be called a racist is ask for your birth certificate. I guess that’s why latinos are becoming the largest minority in America.

Why do you suppose Obama kept his secret for so long? Probably for the same reason he didn’t release his school records his medical records and all the things every other president has been required to release by the media before being elected. Because Obama is half black does that mean he doesn’t have to play by the rules. He certainly doesn’t keep his campaign promises like closing Gitmo, pulling our troops out if Iraq, and not used intelligence gained through illegal torture methods to kill Osama? I guess Obama’s special. As long as he does it is ok with his worshippers and anyone who challenges him is a racist. The question is are they being racist to his white half or his black half.

My guess is that Trump will run for president now after the racist comments Obama made about him at the White House Correspondents dinner. And I bet he will choose a 100% black running mate like Alan West who is actually a competent black leader with experience leading men into battle and laying his life on the line for his country, not just community organizing or agitating.





“Before she got all Hollywood she used to be a strong intelligent sharp woman. I guess not too many people remember her Court TV days. She was definitely representing black attorneys then just like Johnny “Big Daddy” Cochran”

I remember her even after Court TV when she was NBC News’ legal correspondent. She used to cover all the big important court cases at that time back during the early 90’s. I really liked her a lot then. Like you I thought she was a sharp intelligent sister,

I recall she left NBC to host some syndicated Judy Judy type show which lasted only one season. After that she sort of went off the rails and her rep really jumped the shark after she joined The View and she hasn’t recovered since then


that show is not telemundo but televisa a show


These are the companies that Advertise on Donald Trump Apprentice. Please show them what we can do. Boycott these products. Show them what our money means.

7UP Applebee’s, AT&T, Buitoni, Canada Dry, Capital One, Cheetos, Citi Bank, Farouk Systems, Ford, Hometown Buffet, Home Depot, Hyundai, JCPenney,Jell-O,Kay Jewelers,Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats,KFC,LG, Lowes, Lincoln
L’Oreal, Lysol, Macy’s, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Nationwide Insurance, Ocean Spray, Panasonic, Pepsi, Proctor & Gamble, Samsung, Stouffers, Subway,T-Mobile, Visa, Wendy’s, Yoplait.


Now people you don’t have to diss Star like that. Before she got all Hollywood she used to be a strong intelligent sharp woman. I guess not too many people remember her Court TV days. She was definitely representing black attorneys then just like Johnny “Big Daddy” Cochran – RIP. Of course both of them loved the limelight a little too much but it was still exciting to see black folks debating legal issues of the day.

Now I gotta watch the black female detectives on The First 48 to get that same buzz. Memories….

***Anyway, back to the convo***


WTF is going on in these


I must join in the chorus – Star Jones has fans??????


Jholla hollered: “time for your meds careycarey”

Oh lord, was that your best retort? I gotta tell, before someone else does. that was lame and woefully NOT CLEVER. But thanks for you white flag. I saw you coming but somebody should have told you that you can’t come in my zone with mess on your mind.

Come back tomorrow night and try it again. I’ll be waiting. And I love you too.


time for your meds careycarey


Zeus said: “He[Trump] is the biggest attention whore besides Carey”

Po little Zeus, find your lane.

Catch some of this flavor and then you might pickup your game instead of doing the white girl cry.

Because this is a blog it is also an exercise in ego, narcissism, and wish fulfillment!…I mean that nicely…and we/us/you can entertain ideas we otherwise would not be able to make true in the “real world.”

More importantly, or just as important (since I doubt you caught that) can I have your ear to talk about attention whores (and you should know better).

Listen, my mother said: “Boy, lift up your head and pay attention to me”. And a friend said: “Glad you’ve returned to blogging with a vengeance. (After one of the shortest retirements in blogging history, I might add. Some–not me, mind you–might call you attention wh*** behind that move. LOL).

When I heard the words “Attention Whore”, I asked myself what they meant. I most assuredly know they mean different things to different people – okay. But I was left to wonder what they mean to me. Well, a whore is a promiscuous woman; a prostitute. To fornicate with whores is said to be whorish.

Now dammit, where do I fit in ? I am not a woman, but I have been promiscuous. Maybe that’s my tie-end. I did start my adventure into blogging without plans or a defined purpose. My subject matter has consisted of different elements, mixed together without discrimination. Maybe that makes me a blog-man-whore? Nawl, I don’t think they meant that.

Tell me this, if you ask a person to pay attention to you or your words, is that a bad thang? I mean, my mother told me to pay attention to her words, and she is a good woman. Are all bloggers attention whores? Granted there are some bloggers — not many — but some bloggers who could care less if someone reads their posts. I believe…. I think that kind of blogger is in the minority. Because, really, why post it if there was no intent to have someone read it. I am sure a cynic might say, “it’s a way of releasing their mind through their words and it has a cleansing affect on their soul”. I say to that minuscule about of Harra Krista bloggers…. “do your thang baby, but all closed eyes ain’t sleep”

Are bloggers nothing more than nasty, promiscuous attention whores? Are we not in need of attention? Come on now, aside from the word “whore”, do we all in some way seek an audience, and ultimitely, hope they pay attention to our words?
I don’t care if it’s a personal blog or a blog geared toward social commentary, isn’t there something to be said about the human need to express themselves and thus be heard. I talk to audiences on a regular basis. In doing so, it’s about my words and the message(s). Am I seeking attention? Hell yes, I hope someone is paying attention.


btw…the ‘Zeus’ below is not me. Someone else using the moniker. I care less about Star Jones. :)


I have not and will not watch Donald Tramp.

He is the biggest attention whore besides Carey.


OOP’s, girl you got me feining, I forgot the linky dink.

Carey Is so scary:


@ jholla,

And no you didn’t question my blackness?

Well, I can show you better than I can tell you. The following is a picture of 7 generations of my family. Yep, take a stare, you’ll find me their. there’s a little story too. Now, of course you don’t have to take a look, but I just wanted to put the ball back in your court.


Please baby baby please, Ms, jholla, tell me why anything you said was true. Really, I doubt very seriously if you can qualify any thing you’ve said. Show me where I was wrong. Bet ya can’t do it!

Again, don’t get mad at the player, explain yourself. I qualified my opinion, you’re just talking out…

Opps, I just about went there, but I’ll try to me nice.

“wrong demographic”?! please, splain that to this po negro. You got me all messed up, and in the process, I personally that you may be unconsciously running from the truth.

WTH, “condescending to black people”. Surely you jest? And if you believe Star Jones and the others, are on that show ONLY to raise money for her charity, you’ve really tipped your hand to what you don’t know. I am not going to call it ignorance, I just say you are ill informed.

Yeah, I know who’s memory you should be trying to erase, cuz something ain’t right in the ol’hen house, and the truth must have hit you in your hatin’ gut.

Speak for yourself. Say it loud and say it clear, or I’ll just put you in file 13 with all the other blinded young folks.

Geneva Girl

A fan of Star Jones? I didn’t know they existed.

I think that all black people should boycott everything Trump: the show, the casinos and the awful clothes.

Geneva Girl

A Star Jones fan? I didn’t know they existed.

BTW, I think everyone of color should boycott anything Trump: the show, the casinos, the awful clothes.


first off CareyCarey you’re more condescending to black people that trump and i imagine just as white. This isn’t mediatakeout so you’re preaching to the wrong demographic. i wish i could boycott your comments from my memory.

second, lil john and star jones are in a predicament. they are not on that show to make money for themselves but for their charities. if anything people should boycott the show but don’t be upset with them because they are raising more money and drawing more attention to their charities on the apprentice than they could do alone.


Don T. is sad, sad man. The only reason he put that many black celebrities on this season because he thought that would give him the pass he needed to ridicule the POTUS and he wouldn’t come across as a racist. Well it back fired Dumb-SS! So now what Chump??


I never watched the show and after his recent nonsense with his Obama comments it’s now on my list of what I will never watch.

Others, especially those who are nonwhite, should do the same.

By the way, Telemundo is owned by NBC.


is this even up for debate? any self respecting black person should totally disassociate themselves from the donald!


Politics and show business baby. So slow your roll and let me put my feet in this water. See, I know some of you guys are straight-up out da hood or at least have been around a few black folks, so I know you’ll understand when I say y’all dropping salt on another man’s (and woman’s) game. In essence, yawl dry snitchin’ and cock blockin’. Now I am not talking about Donald Trump, he’s a business man, I’m talking about the hatin’ on our brotha’s and sister who are simply plying working THEIR craft. Look, if an actress or actor shakes their ass on TV or a movie, what’s the difference? Come on now, a negro selling their souls , and their ass on TV is no different than them doing it on the big screen, except it’s a bigger screen, and thus, a black bigger ass. Now, don’t let me count the ways some our “bigger” stars done showed all dey ass. I do not believe we want to go there. so what makes the dancing with the star (stars) any different?

Let’s be perfectly clear about this, Donald Trump is not the problem. Granted, he did his every day white guy thang but what’s new? White racist and purveyors of hungry black folks ain’t new. Sh*t, boycott BET. That’s right, let’s really get this emotionally fueled party poppin’. Donald didn’t make Ne Ne Leakes go off on Star. And Latoya was just being Latoya Jackson. Dennis Rodman posted a check for being Dennis.

And come on yawl, did you hate on “Love Boat”? You know, it featured a bunch of “yesterday’s” stars who were trying to make a buck. Can’t hate the players. Again, that’s cockblockin’, nothing but a punk move.

Bottom line, money, politics and show business, they’re like fire baby. look at it, shun it, or love it and understand it, but don’t put yo hands in it, unless that’s your kind of party


I’ve never watched this show either. Trump is such an attention whore. Remember those radio ads he did pronouncing his opinions on various topics… as if anybody gave a damn what he thinks. He wants to be a celebrity so bad its pathetic.

From what I’ve heard black people never win on that show anyway so I don’t even get why a washed up has been would go on these tacky talent/reality shows (including Dancing with the Stars). These people need more pride in themselves. If you don’t have money, get a real job. Star should know better – her ass was a prosecuting attorney. A damn good one. Now she wants to Beyonce or something. I don’t even know who Lil’ John is but he needs to take his ass to school and hang up any dreams of being a “celebrity.” If your 15 minutes are over, get the hell back to real life.

They need to be called out. I refuse to support any black “personality” associating themselves with this substandard mess. Just because whites act a fool doesn’t mean they have to follow them over the same cliff.

Dee Dee Russell

YES. They can’t have it both ways. Like misogynist colorist rappers getting called on their ish, too.

Donald Tramp showed his true colors by trying to clown the POTUS, asking for indentifcation papers as though POTUS was a slave boy instead of the leader of the free world!

Note, POTUS ‘killed’ Tramp AND Osama Bin Ladin during the same weekend! Tramp is on a downward spiral, never to recover.

I for one will continue my personal boycott of Tramp


Any washed-up celebrity with a conscience should avoid Trump.


I am a huge fan of Star Jones and I refuse to watch it. Donald Trump is a racist!!!

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