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Soulja Boy Being Considered To Play Tupac Shakur In Antoine Fuqua’s Biopic

Soulja Boy Being Considered To Play Tupac Shakur In Antoine Fuqua's Biopic

As reported on this site last month, director Antoine Fuqua and Morgan Creek, decided to cast an unknown for the lead role in the upcoming Tupac Shakur biopic; they even took their search to the web, by launching an online casting call in March!

Well… say hello to the “unknown” who calls himself Soulja Boy. In the below interview with MTV, posted yesterday, Mr Boy revealed that there’s apparently interest in having him playing Tupac in the movie; as he states, he was asked to audition for the starring role in Antoine Fuqua’s biopic.

I should note that the rapper with the acting bug recently announced that he’s starring in a supposed “remake” (note the quotes) of the 1992 film Juice, playing the part of Bishop, which, by the way, is the role originated by then rapper/actor Tupac Shakur. Naturally, this news announcement didn’t please some folks, who weren’t shy about expressing their disdain.

I wonder if that’s what helped generate interest in him from Fuqua’s camp, to play Tupac in the biopic. But In gotta wonder about this though… if their expressed goal was to cast an unknown Actor (note the capital “A”), what’s all this about considering Soulja Boy for the part?

Soulja says he’s still thinking about it, and hasn’t decided if he’s going to even audition.

Principal photography on Tupac-the movie, is scheduled to begin in early summer in Georgia, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York, so, really, given that we’re in mid-May, the starring cast should be announced very soon.

Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, is serving as executive producer.

Universal will distribute the film.

Watch the interview below; he makes the revelation towards the latter half of the conversation, beginning around the 4:30-minute mark:

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J.Louie aka Young Makaveli

All Eyez On Me!!! @2pac BACK! The Official Gmix “Tupac” BioPic

Brandon Chiev Thomas


Dankwa Brooks

@Jug In my review of ‘Notorious’ I said “In the end, as the film is about Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace, the best performance came from newcomer Jamal Woolward who played him and I guess, as it should be.”

Dankwa Brooks

First of all I think this is just media hype. Nowadays people throw out shit to see if it sticks, to get the chatter started and indicative of this post…it has.

Second, about Fuqua to me the WEAKEST roles in ‘Training Day’ were portrayed by music artists.

Macy Gray (who I’ve seen do A LOT better in other roles), Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre “Yo Alonzo I say we put a cap in your boy right now” That shit always makes me cringe every time I see it. What made Dr. Dre look worse was that ALL of the other actors in that scene were top notch talent. Truthfully, Snoop did the best job out of the three in his small role. I hope…and pray that he doesn’t do that in such an important role.

Maybe I’m just a young hip hop cat, but Pac’s casting is just as important to me as if they were casting Malcolm X. AND NO I’m not trying to compare the two, I’m just saying to my generation he’s important.

Third, @Jug “they’ll think you’re an entertainer who can do great impressions, not the living breathing person.” Didn’t that get Jamie Foxx an Oscar? Jus sayin…



…sorry just had to put that out there LOL

@Dankwa-Hot damn! I agree with you all the way. Tupac IS the draw. They should have an unknown play him. It would let people fee like they were watching Pac, just like that unknown dude let me believe I was watching Biggie in NOTORIOUS-not Anthony Anderson playing Biggie you know. And at first, I just thought this was “okay, I’ll audition him because you asked me to”. That happens more often than y’all know, somebody’s client who is a bust gets seen because they REALLY want the agent’s other client, it’s someone’s cousin, or plain just a C.Y.A. decision. But after Dankwa brought up TRAINING DAY, I was nauseated again LOL Still don’t think Soulja Boy is a serious serious choice, just something to bounce other ideas off of, but hey what do I know…

LOVE me some TRAINING DAY, couldn’t STAND the rappers/singers LOL. Each one was ATROCIOUS! Like I said before, you can see them “acting”, counting the steps like a bad dancer. Not to mention they were just unconvincing as hell, even they didn’t believe it.

And with RAY, I said the same thing at first, but the ONLY thing that separates what Jamie did from a Vegas nightclub act is that he can honestly Act. There is intention & action behind his lines, as well as connected thoughts when he is not speaking. He understands “living” in the moment, not just “your line, my line, your line, my line”. He makes choices that are personal to him & whether we know what they are, they give his performance a full realization. Creative memories & ideas that fill those “down” moments that the audience isn’t necessarily paying attention to what someone is doing, but our gut knows they are still present.

Go ahead, watch your favorite movie, any of them, and pay attention to any actor in a two or more person scene who is not speaking. You can see the ones where there’s activity going on behind the eyes (not just doing business with a prop or moving around) but actual life & thought behind the eyes. Is it really about the scene, not always, but to us it says a real person is there, not a guy paid to say something like a parrot. Pac had it, especially in POETIC JUSTICE (the movie has its issues) but the moments of silence in the van with Janet, what is he thinking? Something is going on, he’s just not sitting there. Denzel is great at that, in TRAINING DAY when he’s talking to his son, the first time they stop at old girls house in the jungle.

Anyway, that’s what separates acting from parroting or regurgitating. It’s the attempt to creatively live honestly & truthfully (note: not “real” because that is impossible, it’s a contrived circumstance) in a situation given to you. Sounds extremely easy but it’s difficult as hell, especially A) to be simple & B) in this age where technology is doing much of the work.

And often, you can tell when someone isn’t acting, but “posing” like a model in a three way mirror in a fitting room highly & constantly aware of how they “Look”. I said that once before, but a real person who happens to be an attorney, is markedly different than a person playing “attorney”-showing all of the thoughts, ideas & namely adjectives we commonly associate with the occupation of an attorney. Or a doctor, cop, soldier, etc. That’s the big problem with film acting in general, is because it’s so visual, if we see someone look clean & in a nice suit, we instantly think “Attorney” or “Businessperson” so the actor stops there, which is surface-that’s a :30 commercial spot. Where is the real person whose job happens to be attorney? That’s where character comes from, we-the audience, assign character to someone once we witness their truthful BEHAVIOR (even when the character is lying) but an actor can’t & should never, play it.

Sorry for the verbal diarrhea, it’s early LMBAO….


Soldier boy as Tupac… No. Keep looking. An unknown is the way to go.


THIS IS THE BEST TUPAC AUDITION ONLINE! I got to give Brandon his due, he’s mos def, the best I’ve seen. He has the look and the voice down. I think he should get it forget SOLDIER NO RAP TALENT BOY!

J.Louie Aka Young Makaveli

@2pac BACK! Louie 4 “Tupac” BioPic R U STILL DOWN 4 My Ambitionz Az A Ridah!


Soulja Boy as Pac???? NO

What is on his resume that would warrent him getting a lead role like that?

Just because you waste money on tats doesn’t mean you can play Pac.

Even if he does a good job-who would go see it? Just his name alone would turn folks off from seeing it.

What Anthony Mackie isn’t interested?
What about Marlon Wayans?

This smells like a casting to try to cash in on some the studios think is popular. We saw this 2 other time-Shaq in Steel and Halle Berry in Catwoman and we know how those panned out.


@Brandon Chiev Thomas-That was a damn good impression man. I thought it was footage right outside the courthouse of Pac. But if you’re gonna send that to casting, you should redo it, looking at the camera talking to someone as Pac. Think of the scenes in the mail truck from POETIC JUSTICE where it was in close & tight, nowhere to go & do wild big movements.

If you copy something you’ve seen him do in an interview or a video, they’ll think you’re an entertainer who can do great impressions, not the living breathing person. They need to feel they’re looking at Tupac.

Damn, I just checked and the website is down because the open casting is over. But you should send what you got or a new tape to Vickie Thomas. She’s doing the casting and right now they’re looking for Suge. Even if Pac is cast, there’s other roles. It’ll be tough to find out addresses or emails, but that’s the struggle.

Break a Leg bruh.

Tim Smoove

Blasphemy! Pac is rollin’ over in his grave off this one. If this is true, somebody please slap the hell outta Fuqua and wake him up please. Show me where he at I’ll do it myself. SMH


If Mary J. Blige can play Nina Simone, Soulja Boy can play Tupac! (And I can play Obama when that movie’s made!)

Brandon Chiev Thomas



remaking Juice

I know there was a post on that topic somewhere on this site and that it’s been discussed already, but reading it here, again, reminded me… or brought to light a very simple thought, nay solution to Hollyweird with its penchant for remakes now in this particular category/sub-genre/whatever…

WHY remake Juice when there’s a zillion other stories urban-based, “hood”-based, coming-of-age based, out there just waiting to be told?

There was a time in the 90s where you had Juice, Exit to Brooklyn?, Just Another Girl on the IRT, Fresh, Sugar Hill, etc. All films with similar narratives (or settings), that were all individual and unique and well-done…

With the passage of time, I bet there’s even more stories to tell…

Anyway, in regards to this young man portraying Tupac, I have no words, I have nothing. If he gets the gig he might impress and he might not.


@dcmoviegirl-Oh indeed. I was just clowning. Been that kind of morning.

And honestly, I’m with you about him trying. Knowing how hard it is to get anything in this biz, I’m ALL for somebody wanting to try something.

Being honest with yourself & taking stuff seriously is something altogether different. LOL


All silliness aside, it’s an audition, not a screen test or a straight offer. Notice he said they “reached out” but it is really an audition, big ups to Sway for good journalism & getting the facts (Soulja Boy was pullin’ a fast one, or he doesn’t know the difference). But, he may shock the world or he may get a “Thank You” and they keep it movin’.



Haha, my comment wasn’t it response to your comment.

We must’ve posted at the same time.

That said, your response made me lol. Yeah, he’s a terrible rapper, w/ annoyingly catchy songs (yes I am ashamed).

But I’m happy to see he’s working to get his….I just hope he’s good enough at something, to really earn it

No, rapper equivalents of Paris Hilton, please thank you.


@dcmoviegirl-I didn’t say he “he looks like he doesn’t have talent”, I said “he doesn’t have talent”. Has nothing to with him being a rapper, it’s about him being a Terrible rapper.

Dude’s music is weak to say the least, so if “throw everything against the wall to see what sticks” is code for “put really bad music out there because people will like it & maybe I can show my True talent”, then by all means rock on-I sit corrected.

“Watch Me Super Soak Dat Hoe”…really?! Pac is rollin’ over in his grave LOL


Didn’t they already do a documentary and a movie on Tupac just a few years ago? I admit I was never a fan of Tupac – didn’t hate him, didn’t love him – but I honestly don’t understand why people deify this guy.

Having a rapper play a rapper is probably a safe move. As overprotective people are about Pac, there’ill be harsh criticism over any choice of who will play him.


Hey, don’t judge a book.

Young people these days are savvy.

It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Soulja Boy simply wanted to get into the industry (Nicki Minaj has admitted a similar strategy) and just happened to strike with “rapping”.

Nowadays, people throw everything at the wall to see what sticks and with so much competition, you almost have to.

Considering his reputation, I would wager that he must have shown some strong skills to even be in contention for this.

If he’s good, then good for him. :)


Not a bad choice, he’s been acting like he has talent for a couple of years now

..sorry I couldn’t resist :-P

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