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South African/Nigerian TV Drama Series “Jacob’s Cross” Getting International Attention (A Preview)

South African/Nigerian TV Drama Series "Jacob's Cross" Getting International Attention (A Preview)

Have a brief look at this South African TV drama series titled Jacob’s Cross, which centers on powerful oil magnates fighting control over Africa’s vast off-shore oil resources. At the heart of the narrative is businessman Jacob Makhubu (played by Hlomla Dandala) and his quest to build the “next great African empire.

A fuller synopsis reads: “A South African born businessman, Jacob’s destiny changed forever when he discovered that his biological father was a Nigerian oil baron and head of the powerful Abayomi family. Fueled by his birthright, Jacob is driven by his dream to create the next great African business empire. But power and wealth are accompanied by greed and betrayal, and along the way Jacob has to navigate a sometimes treacherous world where his determination, courage and integrity are his only weapons. Family loyalties are tested, long cherished friendships are put under pressure and at the heart of it all, the balance between professional determination and personal desire are often at odds with one another.

The series, now in its 4th season, set in both South Africa and Nigeria, and is broadcast weekly, on channels throughout the African continent.

The series has won some international acclaim, including star, Hlomla Dandala, who recently received a Creative Achievement Award, on behalf of the show, at the Los Angeles-based The Pan African Film Festival in mid-February; and it’s received 3 nominations in the upcoming Monte-Carlo Television Festival which takes place in June.

The series doesn’t appear to be available in any international markets just yet, specifically on DVD, VOD, or streaming online (although if someone out there knows something I don’t know, do share).

In the meantime, watch both episode clips below to get an idea of what the program looks, sounds and feels like, and visit the series website for more HERE (thanks E Forde for the tip):

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You can see Jacob's Cross on the Africa Channel carried by Time Warner Cable in New York.


Hi, Jacob's Cross is screened on The Africa Channel Mondays at 9pm, Sky 209

Abay Movies

JACOBS CROSS is online in HD at All the series…. Enjoy


Wow,what a great African Drama they have out there.Not just the
high production but the way the players speaks smoothly and
calmly–not shouting and yelling or trying to show that they can art.See,
true actor play it real,not acting and be out of reality…
I must said it's a great job on the side of director,producer and all the players
in this film.Thanks to you all,you really put this out for the universal audience.


just seen episode 1 and 5, i think i like the dramma, when can i buy it

Mouckambi mouckambi guy justhene

i just wanna give my ovations to the crew cause they made a great job and i got it thanks to give us the opportunity to be proud of our continant.


High production value, lots of drama, intrigue, & suspense. It’s great to see the lives of the African business elite represented on screen. Some have called it an African version of the 80’s night time soap Dynasty. I can’t speak on that, but I can say it’s a great series and would go over well with international audiences if promoted properly.

Geneva Girl

This airs in the UK. I’ve flipped past this on one of the African channels on Sky satellite I was impressed by the high production values which is unusual for the channel it was broadcast on. Since I’m not into soaps, I kept flipping.

Kunle Adekolo

The DVD is available for purchase here. It’s in region 2, PAL format.

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