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“South Park” Takes Its Shots At Tyler Perry…

"South Park" Takes Its Shots At Tyler Perry...

Not as biting as Aaron McGruder’s Boondocks parody though… they even got Obama involved. Watch the 3 clips below, from last night’s episode:

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Uh, Sam?


Then you IDIOTS get mad when somebody BULLY your nieces, and nephews. Because you all laugh at IGNORANT SHIT LIKE THIS!!! SMH. Next time your family member gets their ass kicks, BE MAD AT YOURSELF.


They could’ve gone further but I notice their newer episodes aren’t nearly as edgy as they used to be. Losing their touch.

Amanda C.

I wanted this to be funny but it wasn’t. dang South Park you guys missed the mark this time. they should have had a black guy doing the Tyler Perry cartoon

Clayton Broomes

“South Park” RULES!!! I’m mad I missed this episode. I will be tuning in tonight. Damn…lol Notice the part where Token, one of the few black kids in “South Park,” kept giving Madea money when she cracked a joke. Wow. I thought they would never go there. Hats off to Trey Parker and Matt Stone…

Adam Scott Thompson

Thank you, “South Park,” for roasting the Prime Minister of Coonistan (and all his works!!!).

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