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“Sparkle” Remake Will Include Music From Original

“Sparkle” Remake Will Include Music From Original

The first bit of news to follow March’s announcement that Sony Pictures is teaming up with the creative team behind the hit BET series The Game and Jumping The Broom (Mara Brock Akil and husband Salim Akil) for a remake of the 1976 film musical, Sparkle

No casting announced yet, however, and that’s not what today’s news is about.

Recall Curtis Mayfield served as the composer of the original film’s score; today, Showbiz411 is reporting that many of the original songs from the soundtrack of the 1976 movie will be included in the remake.

The original Sparkle soundtrack was essentially an Aretha Franklin album, produced by Curtis Mayfield, and Showbiz411 also says that the new producers of the remake want Aretha involved again; in what capacity? I dunno… given that they want to use the original music, maybe she’ll be singing on the soundtrack again? Although I figured they’d cast actresses who could also sing, instead of lip-synch.

Stay tuned…

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I feel in love with movie when it first came out. I was only 4 then and still love it to this day. I don’t feel new HOLLYWOOD can do it justice.

If it would have been done 10 years ago with Aaliyah, Brandy and Monica or even Destiny’s Child , I feel it would have been a hit. But all of these women are now too old and Baby Girl is dead.

Unless these producers and directors put a stellar cast in this production.. its sure to flop. They need stars that can draw in a big box office. Kind of like Dream Girls’ cast.

If it was me I would bring back Irene Cara as the grandmother. Let the directors have their chosen one, PAULA PATTON. But use her as the the three girls mother., The girls should be played by Rihanna in the Sister role. Naturi formerly of 3LW and the Biggie Small movie in the Delores role and last but not least Sparkle being played by Jordin Sparks. Though I’m not a fan of RiRi she has stage presence and can be a vamp at times. Sister character was like that and thought she knew everything. Naturi could add a lil spice to Delores slightly dull character. Jordin needs to revamp her career plus she has the pipes to carry the role. I don’t there any other young stars now that could pull it off. Tyrese as Satin, Terence Howard or 50cent as night club owner. Even PUFFY could play that role’ Usher as Levy and Chris Brown as Stix’s character. I say this because he needs something to soften his less than great image now. plus although we may approve of his behavior lately. but we do have admit he can sing and act. He and Jordin have worked to before so we know they have chemistry.

I think the movie should be set on the premise that Paula character is trying to get her daughter in show business but can’t get the right doors to open. She then goes to her mother Irene Cara who was once a superstar for help. The situation is little tricky because the two haven’t spoken in over 10 years . Although cara’s character is hesitate at first she feels an immediate connection with her youngest grand child. and decides to help

Well that’s how I would spin this. LOL!


Damn, Carey. Never knew even half of that. Honestly, thanks for the history lesson. But to follow up, Hollywood, in general, needs to leave the re-makes alone. This not only reflects a of lack of creativity but also highlights American cinema’s pattern of reproducing media archetypes to lock in consumers. Capitalism @ its finest.


I heard and figured they were going to remake this. OK, fine.

HOWEVER, if they even try to remake LADY SINGS THE BLUES, I’m flying to Hollywood to kick someone’s ass!


Uni Aum is right. All the characters in the film sang their parts in the film. There was no lip synching.


Okay, it’s time. It’s time I tell y’all exactly how I feel about these proposed re-makes.

Look, there are specific reasons why the original movies were hits. Take for instance the series with Bill Cosby and Sidney Portlier; A Piece of the Action; Uptown Saturday Night, and Let’s Do It Again.

First, the director was Sidney Poitier, who was known to be generous to actors. Since he was an actor, he knew the importance of trusting them. Even though Sidney had little experience in comedy, he knew it’s very hard to script it. Consequently, many of the actors were allowed and encourage to adlib. But wait, I hate to go back here, but to make another important point (before I continue)…

“skill and training, if you are an artist of color and if more were trained and were good (like in the old days these cats studied at Howard University, Negro Ensemble in Harlem, Neighborhood Playhouse, Pasadena Playhouse, etc) the moniker “Black Artist” you know you’re about to get something special, and not what it’s regarded as now-untrained, cheap, unprofessional, buffoonish, etc”

Now, in steps the cast of “A Piece”, “Uptown” and “lets Do It Again”. Sidney knew most of the cast because they all came up through the ranks of stage theater, and he worked with many of them. Even Denise Nicholas, who most only remember from “Room 222” she paid her dues on the stage, before she hit TV. Do I need to mention Ossie Davis and Harry Bellefonte? The whole cast was well trained actors (sometimes as many as 10 in one movie), who were being directed by arguably the best black actor of all time. And, the story, and message, does not stop there.

The screenwriter (on the series) started the series as a young 25 year old black man, who just happened to have experienced all the elements of black life by being raised in Newark New Jersey (Write what you know). He also honed his skills in the theater. And check this, on one of the movies, he stayed in Sydney’s house while he wrote the script! He wrote at night (sometimes all night) and Sydney would look at it over breakfast or during lunch, making suggestions in the side columns.

We’re talking a serious connection between the writer, the cast, and the director. Each of them having been trained, doing what they do best. The final product of which, cannot be duplicated.

But we’re not done yet. In steps Curtis Mayfield. Come on now, we all the importance of a great music score. Curtis did the damn thang.

So in short, I am suggesting that just because we laughed back then…. don’t make your move to soon. Years of preparation, experience and talent, was the leading force behind the success of Sydney’s series of comedies. Oh, and one more thang. As with QT’s pick of Will Smith, it’s always about star power. Did you know Richard Pryor and Red Fox were scheduled for the leading roles that eventually went to Sydney and Bill. Richard and Red Fox were popular and crowd favorites, but do I need to say more?

uni aum Entertainment

The RELEASED Sparkle soundtrack was an Aretha Franklin album, BUT the FILM had SINGer/ACTors Ms. Lonette McKee, Ms. Irene Cara, and Mr. Phillip Michael Thomas SINGing for themseleves NOT “lip-synch” to Ms. Aretha Franklin’s vocals.

There’s been an “announcement” of a “SPARKLE” remake for YEARS. Novelist E. Lynn Harris & Aaliyah were to be involved. An “announcement” does not mean a “green light” or that the film will EVER get made.

Screen Nation

Wondered when this would get a remake. I hope its good because we love this movie in all its b movie glory. Love it even more than Dreamgirls.


Classics should not be remade. This is a classic.

Aretha shouldn’t have to re-record. Songs are perfect!

Funny I was listening to it this week.


Aretha could play the mother (grandmother?) or one of the girls. I could see her saying the line, “Baby, I lived in Harlem my whole life, I know a rat when I see one.”

I don’t know if I’m too excited about this. All I see flashing here as I read this is Alica Keys, Alicia Keys. Ugh.

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