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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ 14 Month Long Marketing Campaign Begins

'The Dark Knight Rises' 14 Month Long Marketing Campaign Begins

Here’s the thing about marketing/viral campaigns. The first time around, it’s kind of fun to play along with unlocking every morsel and clue of info about a movie. Anytime after that, it’s pretty fucking boring. For example, “Super 8” has had a pretty extensive viral campaign running behind it for a while now but except for a few diehard fans, has anyone been paying attention? We kind of tuned in briefly but then realized we had other things to do with our day then spend time figuring out what each little crumb of info might mean.

And so here comes “The Dark Knight Rises,” the sequel you might have heard about that director Christopher Nolan recently began shooting in India and will head to Pittsburgh later this year. Today the official website launched with nothing on it but backed by a seemingly incomprehensible chant. Of course, some dorkus malorkus recorded the thing and ran it through their geek audio machine to decipher that the audio says “The fire rises.” The Fire Rises is also a freshly launched Twitter account. VIRAL!

With the film fourteen months away, today marks the beginning of a marketing onslaught that befits one of the most anticipated movies of next year. We’re not gonna gripe about the push the film will receive — it’s a major summer blockbuster so that’s par for the course — just don’t expect us to keep up with every burp and fart that comes out of the viral machine that will be churning in the lead up to the film’s release. “The Dark Knight Rises” hits theaters on July 20, 2012 (provided the world doesn’t end tomorrow). [via ComingSoon]

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I can’t wait for this movie to come out and be completely underwhelming. Anything to silence those obnoxious Nolan fanboys.


This movie is going to be awesome. Can’t wait for any piece of info they release.


Bale Batman’s accent is ridiculous?? you talked about his voice ,didn’t you!


Here’s the thing, lots of people are following this production and surely elicit set photos and actor photos will leak. It’s only a matter of time. Warner Brothers simply wanted to get the jump on all that and control the message and conversation about their movie by releasing an official Bane photo and viral marketing this early. You can’t blame them. If it annoys you, don’t pay attention to it.

Katie Walsh

You are all a bunch of dorkus malorkuses.

Kevin Jagernauth

Well, we didn’t post those lame “set photos” from India now did we?


“just don’t expect us to keep up with every burp and fart that comes out of the viral machine that will be churning in the lead up to the film’s release.”

oh, but I bet you do keep up with every burp and fart when it’s all said and done, because, how could you not?


“Christian Bales Batman accent is fucking ridiculous”

In the best way possible.


U missed the bigger news…it’s being shot in even more IMAX than than the last one.


Christian Bales Batman accent is fucking ridiculous


yeah, you just lost the first image of Bane

Benjamin T

I’m actually fairly certain you will keep up with every bump and fart. If “Hunger Games” casting news gets ten stories a day, I can’t imagine you won’t throw esoteric Batman clues a bone now and then.

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