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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Gets Its Tom Berengers In Matthew Modine & Tom Conti

'The Dark Knight Rises' Gets Its Tom Berengers In Matthew Modine & Tom Conti

It’s been a weird, wooly day for “The Dark Knight Rises.” The official website launched, a first look at Tom Hardy as Bane soon followed and now the day will close out with two pretty fucking random dudes joining the cast.

Variety reports that Matthew Modine (huh?) and Tom Conti (wha?) have joined the cast. Christopher Nolan has a knack for doing some out-there casting from time to time. Remember the raised eyebrows when Tom Berenger joined “Inception“? Or even Rutger Hauer taking a role in the previous Batman films? We’d imagine Modine and Conti’s roles will be similarly smaller, but there’s no telling with Nolan. Random connection: Tom Conti starred in “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” which also featured David Bowie who appeared in “The Prestige.” Oh yeah, kid actor Joey King has also come on board. Modine will play a character named Nixon while no details on the other two roles have been disclosed. Speculate away!

The actors join Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Juno Temple, Josh Pence, Daniel Sunjata, Diego Klattenhoff, Burn Gorman and Nestor Carbonell, along with the returning Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman. Lensing is already underway along with the marketing campaign. The film hits on July 20, 2012.

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Jenna Gold

I’m glad that Matthew Modine has joined the cast. I’ve been saying that the cast still feels incomplete and like it’s missing key characters.


not even 24 hours and it’s already Random Dudes posts on the Dark Knight, uh, Playlist? ;) burps and farts…


I really don’t get how Matthew Modine merits nothing more than a “huh?” from this blog. Surely every wannabe cinephile should recognize him as Private Joker and geek out over da Kubrick Konnektions.

Ray H

Let’s not forget Eric Roberts, Anthony Michael Hall, and Michael Jai White were all in The Dark Knight. Nolan’s certainly got a fondness for ’80s stars/B-list actors.





EXCEPT for this.


Modine and Conti (and Hauer and Berenger) share the unfortunate trait, I suppose, in addition to being “pretty fucking random dudes,” of having carved out nice film careers for themselves in the years when (or before) certain young whippersnapper bloggers must have been running around in diapers. Maybe they should be set out on ice floes instead of depriving hipster-approved icons roles in cutting edge new screen entertainment. Not all casting news has to consist of the latest and greatest desktop wallpaper pinups.


I dont like the way Nolan fills his films with unnecessary secondary characters. So much unnecessary padding. Cut to the chase!


hmm…falcones, maybe?


Not to mention Modine played Private Joker in FMJ.

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