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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Gets Law & Religion Thanks To Brett Cullen & Chris Ellis

'The Dark Knight Rises' Gets Law & Religion Thanks To Brett Cullen & Chris Ellis

Burp! Fart! Hey, it’s that guy!

That’s right, two more names have joined “The Dark Knight Rises” as Brett Cullen and Chris Ellis now round out the cast for currently shooting blockbuster sequel. Both are longtime character actors, with Cullen known to “Lost“-heads as Goodwin Stanhope and more recently to others as Mark on “Make It Or Break It” (admit it, you watch the show). As for Ellis you’ve probably seen him a dozen times or more on the big and small screen but didn’t realize it. Dude works non-stop, but we’ll remember him as the scuzzy J.T. in “My Cousin Vinny” (the dude Vinny has to fight for money). Cullen will put on robes as a judge in the movie, while Ellis will don a cassock as a priest.

Anyway, the casting continues Nolan’s tread for filling out his films with interesting actors or just plain fucking random dudes. We don’t expect these roles to be too extensive but clearly Nolan wants some experienced thesps to deliver the lines. “The Dark Knight Rises” opens on July 20, 2012. [Variety]

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Calm down guys. These are the “William Fichtners” of the film.

Kevin Jagernauth

Abner, you should spell check your comments before posting them.




Heat as many thesps. You don’t bitch about Heat. Sit the next few plays out.


There’s not “too many characters”… it’s secondary roles and minor characters that may have seconds of screen time. Relax. This isn’t Brett Ratner ‘Last Stand’ crapola… This is Chris Frickin’ Nolan, damnit… respect the man and his vision. He’s brought us this far for cryin’ out loud, and he’s done a superb job!

SpID3r-mAn 3!?!



Cue someone piping up to complain that the movie will be “overstuffed” in 3…2…1….

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