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“The Hangover Part II” is an Embarrassing Descent into Racial Stereotypes and Tired Homophobia

"The Hangover Part II" is an Embarrassing Descent into Racial Stereotypes and Tired Homophobia

By this point it’s been pretty well established that “The Hangover Part II” is a dud. It’s actually kind of embarrassingly bad, given the incredible similarity between the sequel and the original. It’s as if someone took the entire plot of “The Hangover” and grafted it onto the unsuspecting city of Bangkok, down to the slightest narrative detail. Everything has a parallel: they’ve switched the tiger out for a monkey, a missing Justin Bartha for a missing Mason Lee, and Heather Graham for a transgender stripper. It’s more than a little exhausting, all the way up to and through the end credits.

Yet for some reason I find all of this fascinating. How is it that a group of screenwriters can sit down and just replicate their earlier film exactly? Obviously it’s an easy formula to pull in cash, and the movie will probably make a killing this weekend. But somehow that doesn’t seem like a good enough explanation. No one writes a sequel without at least attempting to do something new or different. In a particularly optimistic interview with MTV, director Todd Phillips even compares the two movies to “The Godfather”:

“We had always planned on calling it ‘The Hangover 2,’ and when we finished the script, I changed the cover page and wrote ‘The Hangover Part II,’ because I think the film lives up to or exceeds the first one. It was very much a nod to ‘The Godfather.’ ”

So then what exactly were they trying to do, if they clearly didn’t put much effort into updating the story (or even the characters)? The change is in the humor itself. Phillips and his writers seem to have approached this sequel with the intention of taking the original’s already outrageous comedy and bumping it up to the next level. The only real difference between the two films is the degree of over-the-top depravity. And honestly, it’s also the sequel’s biggest failure. What is clearly an attempt to really push the envelope turns out to be a veritable “Carlos Mencia-fication” of the jokes. “The Hangover Part II” isn’t so much outrageously hilarious as it is loud, racially insensitive and homophobic.

Passing aside the portrayal of an entire city as a whirling black hole of criminality and enigmatic savagery (in a way it’s like “Heart of Darkness” with dick jokes), there are plenty more obvious ways in which “The Hangover Part II” just misses the boat on racial representation entirely. First off, there’s Stu’s (Ed Helms) fiancée and her family. The father, of course, is a strict disciplinarian who doesn’t like the lame dentist her daughter has brought home. He’s also pressured his son into going to Stanford as a tween, and to become a virtuoso at the cello. The set-up doesn’t even try to legitimize itself with humor, in the manner of most other stereotype-dependent comedies. Teddy is actually just a cello-playing boy genius because he’s an Asian teenager in a movie. It’s embarrassing.

Not that the unfortunate representation of Thailand and its people stops when the dudes leave their wedding resort. There’s a wonderful moment when, desperately trying to find Teddy, our confused Americans go to a Buddhist monastery somewhere outside of the city. Naturally, the monks have taken a vow of silence, which turns out to be not only inconvenient but also violent. When the guys try talking to the monks, one of the holy men takes his giant stick and starts beating them. Never mind that this is a non-violent religious order, it’s apparently hilarious when a big silent Thai gentleman in robes beats a bunch of Americans for just opening their mouths. Rationality be damned.

I could go on and on about the tired and more than a little condescending “Westerner abroad” motif that dominates the film’s portrayal of Bangkok. Ken Jeong is the only Asian character our heroes meet in the city that has a real role in the film. Opposite the incompetent Thai police there’s Paul Giamatti as the white gangster who runs the town. Opposite the unhelpful and silent monk is a white tattoo artist who gives the guys some directions and advice. The reason for putting the sequel in Thailand appears to be little more than the ease with which Phillips et al. can turn Asian caricatures into elaborate and uninspired bawdy jokes.

Well, that and the transgender hookers. Bangkok, after all, is internationally known for its extraordinary transgender culture, which “The Hangover Part II” takes as a gift. Remember in “The Hangover” when we discover that Stu character got married the night before to stripper Heather Graham? In the spirit of ratcheting up the outrageousness, it is revealed in the sequel (at almost exactly the same place in the narrative) that not only did he have sex with another stripper, but she’s got a penis. Suddenly the frame is full of them, previously unnoticed on the transgender staff, which is designed to set the target audience into a boisterous combination of laughter and retching. The rationale seems to be that the only way to outdo a drunken wedding in Vegas is to bring about the unthinkable: gay sex. In a single scene, the movie manages to reduce itself to the level of uninspired dick jokes and tired homophobic humor.

Though I suppose it’s nice that she’s there, as otherwise there wouldn’t be anyone female at all with any impact on the film’s narrative. Stu’s young and beautiful fiancée has absolutely nothing to do beyond accepting him lovingly into her arms after he’s almost ruined her wedding. Phil’s (Bradley Cooper) wife doesn’t even talk. At least the last time around Graham got something mildly interesting to do. Her transsexual replacement is used as a prop, and the women opposite our protagonists back at the resort might as well sit off screen for the whole 100 minutes.

I know I’m supposed to accept this, because it’s a guy’s movie about and for dudes. But the filmmakers used a single method to try updating and outdoing the original: outrageous and exaggerated humor. It failed. The result of its failure is a movie that manages to be impressively racially insensitive and homophobic at the same time. Yes, it’s a movie about white straight men and it’s geared to white straight men, but is that reason enough to just ignore its problems? It’s not as if the movie were offensive but hilarious, it’s just a disaster. Yet a disaster can offer a unique opportunity for discussion. This movie is going to be destroyed by the critics, but in the aftermath will anyone be talking about how or why it failed? I hope so.

“The Hangover Part II” opens today everywhere.

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Hey getoverit, you're human trash. I'm not here for you to laugh at, and if you think gay people are meant to be laughed at, I hope you die today.


Fags are the laughing stock of the world, you're hated, wake up, no wonder movies reflect that.

Andy H

Holy fuck take a pill and relax. It is a comedy – comedies make fun of things. Yasmin Lee the transgendered actress who appears in the film is part Thai. She didn't feel the film was either racist or homophobic. She was actually asked about the question about it being homophobic and she found the question offensive because by deeming it homophobic you are saying Yasmin is a guy. Yasmin is transgender, not a guy. You make the typical white, liberal mistake of thinking you have exclusivity over deeming what is racist and/or homophobic. While the movie was neither racist or homophobic – your review is. Lastly, the scene where Yasmin reveals her penis is not retching as you claim. It is pretty hot. Most men would love to be with someone like Yasmin.

Joe Camel

Jack Hammer: that same defense has been used since Bugs Bunny was putting on blackface to outsmart Elmer Fudd. Find a new way to justify your soulless support of mean spirited “comedy.” Or if your media-stunted brain refuses to allow yourself to acknowledge that perhaps your point of view requires some readjustment, evaluate the jokes on a technical level, and judge them just as harshly as inferior comedy.

Matt Cornell

It should be noted that the film’s toxic racism is more or less summed up in its final shot, which will likely become notorious.


This movie, though absolutely soul destroying, will do well commercially with whites. Why? It’s because that whites will relish seeing the degradation of Asians(in the form of Thais) so they can still feel superior to them(to anyone but white to be exact). This seems to suggest some underlying collective anxiety the whites suffer in general about losing their supremacy(economic and technological) to the East Asians, such as Japanese and to a lesser extent, South Koreans and Taiwanese and now to the Chinese big time.

The only thing is those three East Asians are not Thais. There is a world of difference between what they have achieved and what they will potentially and those of Thailand. So bashing Thais will not exactly be the same thing as bashing those three major East Asian nations. The only thing is Asians, Thai or otherwise, will be extremely p*ssed off with this poor excuse for a movie, and they will not forget the insults for a long time to come, which isn’t exactly good news to the West who is not making friends that well with t;he rest of the world. Be nice to people while on top because they will surely remember it when you inevitably slide down to the bottom someday(the law of physics).


Jack Hammer, how does one sound like a gay, white male? Perhaps you are a bit too brainwashed by stereotypes to see such films like “The Hangover” because they might negatively influence you.


I thought the The Hangover was pure crap and since this one appears to be ten times worse I won’t even bother to see it.


You watched I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry? My condolences.

mike fewdwensen

this is what happens when you allow hollywood elitist cokehead manchildren make a sequel. i’m sure in their coked out minds they thought they were making a great movie. in cokehead logic, this movie makes perfect sense.

movies like this are always more fun for the immature people that make them than they are for the audience, unless of course you don’t have a mind, then i’m sure you’ll love all the tired dick and fart jokes.

Jack Hammer

As the writer of this article, you sound like agay white male who can’t take a damned joke! IT’S A MOVIE! Why don’t you critics stop trying to read into EVERYTHING and simply enjoy a motion picture. Quit trying to bring out the social impacts of modern society and just laugh a little. You people are too stiff for words. Just lighten up please!

Jack Hammer

You as he writer of this article sound like a gay while male who just can’t take a damned joke!


Judging from the packed house’s nonstop laughter last night at the 10:20 showing of “Hangover: Part II”, I think you’re wrong. They loved it, and were all tweeting about it on the way out of the theater.

If you get a chance, read my review and tell me what you think:


While I suppose the rest of your criticisms might be completely valid, it’s obvious someone hasn’t read “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Moms” yet. Perhaps Teddy’s mom should’ve given the toast.

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