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The Horror Movie “Brotha Rule” Applies In Trailer For “Shark Night 3D”

The Horror Movie "Brotha Rule" Applies In Trailer For "Shark Night 3D"

So it’s pretty much just Piranha 3D, except with sharks? And I hope I don’t have to explain what the “brotha rule” in horror movies is. Shark Night 3D bows in theaters in September.

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The new trailer seems top show that the black guy wasn’t killed first. He is shown fighting them.


These so-called “horror” movies now-a-days are so weak. Basically a waste of money and time.


Wow… no words here, but what is funny… Jaws trailer is up next. How embarrassing for that movie to be followed by this nonsense.

I can watch Jaws a million times and still be entertained each time.


Brotha don’t know about the 3rd Reel Rule.


Okay so the Black guy dies first?

Why are sharks in the lake? This movie doesn’t make any sense to me. And the title is terrible Shark Night c’mon now. smh

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