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This Is Getting Ridiculous: ‘X-Men: First Class’ Insurance Ad Starring Beast & J.K. Simmons

This Is Getting Ridiculous: 'X-Men: First Class' Insurance Ad Starring Beast & J.K. Simmons

Are you not yet feeling absolutely pulverized by the endless onslaught of “X-Men: First Class” marketing? Has the breathless praise thrown at the film by the early non-review reviews by the target audience for the movie already made you wary? Well, too bad because you’re going to keep hearing about ‘First Class’ until you’re found lying curled in a fetal position begging for mercy.

An absolutely terrible tie-in television advertisement for Farmers Insurance that for some reason has J.K. Simmons in it has surfaced. Surely you don’t need the money that badly J.K. do you? Anyway, there’s Beast shoehorned into a commercial that flails about making a connection between mutants and insurance in a terrible attempt at comedy. Lordy, what next? A Tide commercial with Emma Frost telling us how she keeps her whites so clean?

“X-Men: First Class” opens on June 3rd but the endless marketing has told you that already. Watch the spot below. [SuperHeroHype]

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This writer is an idiot. JK Simmons is the spokesman for Farmers, not just this ad and the ad is GREAT. I love it, I’m sure a lot of people will love it and you waste 5 minutes of my time on your useless crap


So I guess you missed all of the Thor promo we were bombarded with. What an odd complaint. Do you just not like X Men? It’s a big time release getting ready to open. You should be used to this type of marketing unless you have a serious bias.


Not to continue with the hate on this thread campaign, but you write, “For some reason has JK Simmons in it.” You must not watch much TV as JK Simmons has been Farmers spokesperson for at least a year now and has been in at least 10 different commercials for them.




I never intended to see this movie, so the ads don’t bother me. The design of this blue snarf and the blue girl are laugh out loud funny though.


This whole thing makes me laugh. What blockbuster summer film isnt dealt with endless marketing? Hello its what they always do. I seriously only hear about XMen First Class from the Playlist and everytime someone writes a review complaining over the neverending marketing its like calm down its what they always do. Ignore and go on.

I am going to go see the film anyway. I hope it doesnt suck.


I haven’t seen a single ad or tie in for this movie other than the trailers. Guess I’m lucky. Still, is this much worse than the bombardment of ads for Thor and Iron Man 2?


Real fans don’t mind it


Sorry to disagree with you but this is definitely the best integration I’ve seen. Not your typical commercial that has 15 seconds of movie footage and then 15 seconds of the company showing off its product . Looks like these guys actually have some creativity. Fuuunnnyyy.

Jacque DeMolay

Man, this makes me wish JK Simmons was going to be in First Class. I love that guy in anything. Ooh, maybe he can take over as bald, hoverchair Professor X instead of Picard. That’d be sweet.

tristan eldritch

Man, I really want this movie to rock, but every time I see that shot of Beast in the cockpit, I can’t believe it’s from a Hollywood blockbuster. It looks like they flat-out ran out of money, and had to go to a novelty store and a paint shop for the Beast make-up.


Yeah, you can always ignore these daily X-Men updates.


complaining about amounts of X-Men: First Class by giving X-Men: First Class press. Odd.

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