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Todd Phillips Said A Planned ‘The Hangover Part III’ Would End The Franchise

Todd Phillips Said A Planned 'The Hangover Part III' Would End The Franchise

Also Defends Rehashing Original Film’s Story: “Since When Have Comedies Been About Plot?”

Bridesmaids” might have captured the nation’s hearts and minds for the moment, taking in a surprising hefty box-office take over the weekend, but next week brings what’s all-but-certain to be the biggest comedy of the summer: “The Hangover Part II,” the speedy sequel to 2009’s surprise hit. And we were initially looking forward to the film: the first was good fun, if not the comic behemoth that its box office take might suggest, and we even enjoyed Todd Phillips mean-spirited fall comedy “Due Date,” even if no one else did.

But the trailers have been bad, and the buzz even worse, and it’s steadily become a film that we’re dreading, rather than anticipating. Nevertheless, the film is going through the junket experience right now, and Phillips has dropped a couple of tidbits about the series, both in its current sequel form, and a possible third entry in the series. Firstly, CNN sat down with the director, who was unapologetic regarding criticisms that the film was lazy in its rehash of the original’s plotting.

Philips responded. “The blueprint of “The Hangover 2” is very similar to the blueprint of ‘Hangover’ one, it’s a special thing that the ‘Hangover’ sort of owns that blueprint. We talked a lot about ways to make a sequel. The freshest way is in embracing that template that existed but spinning it. There’s not one joke that’s the same in the movie. It’s essentially a comedy, every joke is different. And, since when have comedies really been so much about the plot?”

Well, Todd, since roughly around the time that Shakespeare wrote “Much Ado About Nothing.” And let’s chuck in the fiendishly plotted “Bringing Up Baby” “Some Like It Hot,” “The Ladykillers,” “Election,” “His Girl Friday,” and a few dozen others for good measure. But Phillips is absolutely right in that comedy doesn’t have to revolve around plot, except that the principle pleasure of “The Hangover” was its ingenious mystery structure.

But enough about the sequel. What about future installments! Phillips today told Coming Soon that a third film is indeed in the works, and has been since day one. “Obviously we always envisioned it as a trilogy. The third would be very much a finale and an ending… I haven’t discussed it with these actors yet. [It would] not follow the same template, but is very much a new idea.” And is there a particular city in mind? “As far as where it takes place, I’m very open. It’ll be like being on the Olympic committee, being pitched and presented cities, flown around with wine and women and bribes.”

We’ll find out if “The Hangover Part II” has enough creative juice left in the barrel to make us look forward to another entry when it opens on May 27th, but realistically, it’ll make an obscene amount of money, so come what may, expect to see “The Hangover Part III,” co-starring Andy Garcia and Sofia Coppola as Zach Galifianakis’ daughter, in May 2013.

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The Playlist

Check your “sources”.

i listened to the press conference audio this weekend. This was not a joke. What WAS a joke was the fact that Phillips said a trilogy was planned from the beginning, he laughed after that.

But his vague thoughts and possibilities of a third film were sincere, fyi.

Maybe these other sources should couch their reports better.


Todd Phillips is an arrogant hack. always has been.


Seen it. One word review: “Lazy.”


scott says that comment.

see’s the movie eventually, alone during a weekday


Anything that will stop these abominations will be welcome. The first one has to be one of the biggest overrated POS I have ever had the unfortunate pleasure to have seen. Thank god I didn’t actually pay money for it.


It’s hard for me to laugh at a joke that perfectly reflects the reality of his approach.


He was making a joke! You people love to take jokes and reprint them as serious. He was also joking when he said “obviously we always imagined these films as a trilogy”. Check your “sources”. Even on Collider they follow it up with “(huge laughter) Phillips JOKED.”


Ugh. You know what? I can tolerate a crappy movie. What I can’t abide is people brazenly admitting they don’t give a shit.

City Sick

Thank you for giving proper examples against such a retarded statement.

Although it should be obvious since we’re talking about “The Hangover”. And it doesn’t matter, since anyone sees this movie will have more to complain about than its “plot”.


Yeah, really why bother with something as overrated as a plot?

when what he really means is, why bother when it will make a shit load of cash anyway?

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