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Todd Phillips Says A ‘Hangover Part 3’ *Is* Being Planned & 17 More Things Learned From ‘Part II’

Todd Phillips Says A 'Hangover Part 3' *Is* Being Planned & 17 More Things Learned From 'Part II'

Todd Phillips Rips Movie Critic David Poland A New Asshole, Cast And Crew Talk Getting Sick On Set & Possible Spin-Off Films

Ahh, “The Hangover Part II.” Todd Phillips‘ sequel is already upon us and has already grossed $31 million in its first day of release (it’s evidently on track for a $100-$125 million Memorial Day opening weekend; the masses like a familiar opiate).

Comedy sequels are a pretty tricky thing to pull off. Quick, name your favorite comedy sequel of all time? Hell, name one you even like. “Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay” has its moments, “Christmas Vacation” is not bad all things considered, but even things like we originally loved like “Back to the Future,” “Fletch,” “Caddyshack,” “Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure,” and “Ghostbusters” spawned pretty mediocre sequels. Trying to make a legitimately great list of comedy sequels is hard (here’s two different lists with varying degrees of success).

But regardless, with a massive $100+ opening haul seemingly in the cards, a third film seems like an inevitability. And in fact, according to a very recent L.A. Times article and interview with Phillips, “there already are plans for a third film but no script or start date.”

Before that interview, Phillips spoke about the possibility of a “Hangover Part III” at the press conference for ‘Part II’ (and yes, he was joking about “envisioning a trilogy” from the beginning, but he was sincere in everything else he said). “If If we were to do a third one, if the audience, if the desire was there, I think we have a very clear idea where that would head,” he said. “It’s certainly not in the same template that you’ve seen these movies. The third would be very much a finale and an ending. The most I could say about it, what’s in my head, and I haven’t discussed it with these actors, is that it is not following that template but very much a new idea. As far as where it takes place, I said I’m very open, like the Olympic committee, to being pitched and presented cities, flown around with wine and women and bribed. Then I will make my decision.”

So yeah, get ready for it. And in the meantime, things we learned about the making of “The Hangover Part II” from the aforementioned press conference and various outlets around the web.

Food poisoning was a bitch for the cast when shooting in Bangkok. Particularly for Ed Helms.
“I had a very serious hurdle to get past the first week which was severe food poisoning,” Helms said in the press conference. “That lasted throughout the whole movie, pretty much,” Bradley Cooper laughed. “It never fully went away,” Helms lamented. “Maybe I should just leave the rest up to your imagination. Let’s just say my body exploded.”

”Everyone in the cast and crew had one or two days when they were either in the hospital or just out sick from food stuff. Everybody was dropping like flies,” Todd Phillips told EW. Again, Helms got the brunt of it. “It does something to your mind when you get that sick,” Helms told EW. “You go to a scared, dark place.”

The lost kid in the movie (Teddy) is director Ang Lee’s son. Phillips used this as a reason to fuck with him.
“I love Ang Lee obviously and I remember I asked Mason, ‘Do you think you could get your dad to shoot second unit?,'” Phillips laughed. “Mason I think was nervous and he didn’t know I was joking and he’s like, ‘Uh, I will, uh, I’ll call him. I can see but he’s doing a movie in Taiwan.’ I was like okay, you know. But he was a great find and a great kid. You’re right, I don’t know how many people know that, but the guy who played Teddy, it’s the director Ang Lee’s son.”

While there’s some ahem, rather trangressive comedy in the picture, in the script they avoided some, ahem, issues that Thailand faces.
“There are certain touchy hot button issues in Thailand that we just happened to not touch in the script that we naturally avoided,” Helms said dancing around the issue of the under-age sex trade at the press conf. “Everything there they read and saw. I think again, the same way Vegas really embraced us filming ‘The Hangover’ there and benefited from it afterwards I think, Bangkok was really happy to have ‘The Hangover II’ there.

Zach Galifianakis wants to do a serious Daniel-Day Lewis-type role one day. But with a twist at the end of it.
“Yes I goddamn would. But I think I’d just get laughed at,” the comedian told the Shortlist. “I got up to give a speech at my sister’s wedding and at my brother’s wedding. These were two separate weddings. At both weddings I started crying and at both weddings people started laughing at me. Laughing at me crying. But to answer your question, yes, I would really love to do that. I would love to do my serious courtroom speech and then just fart. That’s my fantasy.”

Random: Galifianakis doesn’t want to have sex with January Jones and in fact, think she’s a bitch (and or he’s totally kidding, who knows).
“If I remember correctly, she and I were very rude to each other,” Galifianakis said. “It was crazy. I was at a party — I’d never met her — and she was like, ‘Come sit down.’ So I sit at her table and talk for 10 minutes, and she goes, ‘I think it’s time for you to leave now.’ So I say, ‘January, you are an actress in a show and everybody’s going to forget about you in a few years, so f*cking be nice,’ and I got up and left. And she thinks that’s funny?”

Zach wasn’t very keen on making a ‘Hangover Part II’ initially.
”I was a little bit apprehensive [about a sequel],” he told EW recently. “I was of the mindset ‘Oh, let’s leave well enough alone. In the end, it seems like I was wrong. But I was scared. Not because I didn’t want to work with everybody. But I thought how can you possibly do as good as [the original].”

Zach doesn’t want to do a sex scene with January Jones or anyone for that matter.
“I wouldn’t want to. I’d hate it. I’ve only had to do a few of those things where you have to kiss and stuff. It’s so embarrassing,” he said.

In case you didn’t know: Todd Phillips and Sacha Baron Cohen didn’t see eye to eye on “Borat” and Phillips — who is well-known to be a tough on set — was replaced.
The “Old School” director parted ways with Sacha Baron Cohen in the middle of production on “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan,” in part because “Cohen feared for his safety after the director asked him to do multiple takes of a particularly dangerous stunt,” according to the LATimes. Phillips was replaced by Larry Charles.

Bradley Cooper fucked himself up while making the film. He also calls it the most difficult film he’s ever made.
“You know what? It was the hardest shoot I’ve ever done, by far,” he said. “I mean, ‘The A-Team‘ we shot for six months, I tore my hamstring, I ate nothing but pears and tuna — and yet this one was by far the hardest shoot ever, and I don’t know why. I can’t put my finger on it. There weren’t blow-ups, but there was a definite sense, a tone and energy of just… It was like walking through mud in a lot of ways.

The Bangkok setting of “The Hangover Part II” was not borrowed from the plot of “Old School 2,” fyi.
“No, that was never rumor, was it? That certainly was never something we were exploring,” Phillips told Coming Soon. “Bangkok was, for me, a place that I hadn’t been. I obviously went a million times in researching this, but I hadn’t been before. But it is a place that always intrigued me, yeah.”

Bill Clinton’s visit to the set proved one thing: he likes shitty movies.
“The first thing he said when he sat down was, ‘Is there going to be an ‘A-Team 2 ‘– and can I be in it?’ ” Cooper said laughing. “I was like, ‘This is a joke, right?’”

There’s a few N-bombs dropped in the film, but the cast thinks there’s legitimate character reasons for this.
“I think Alan, for someone to say that word so cluelessly, it’s funny because it comes out of a place of ignorance,” Galifianakis said during the press conference. “Alan just doesn’t know any better, he’s just an idiot so he gets away with that kind of thing. It’s kind of commenting that anybody that would say that so loosely is an idiot. That word can be very inflammatory but Alan is such a dimwit that it’s not excusable at all but you’re making fun of people that would say that word, I think. That’s the way I see it.”

Phillips added, “But [Ken Jeong‘s character is] also a pseudo gangster who obviously uses that word, Chow does, in that way. Then Alan of course in his left footedness misinterprets that. I think that’s the best way to describe it.”

Zack hates press and the spotlight.
“I try to ignore it. I just try to keep myself a traditionalist,” he told Coming Soon. “I liked being an underground comic doing my thing. I want to maintain that. I just do. Privacy is big for me. To do interviews even, I have a very love/hate with it. Talking about it almost kind of ruins it in a way. No offense, of course. But you have to promote the movie so it’s one of the Catch-22s of it. You’re in a successful thing, but you try to be as grounded as you can as a comic. That’s what I’m trying to do, maintain normalcy. “

If the “The Hangover Part II” fails, it’s not because the cast was lazy about it.
“One criticism you could never make about this movie is that we just phoned it in,” Cooper said. ”Even if it fails miserably, it’s not for lack of trying. It was the hardest shoot I’ve ever done for sure. Nothing ever even came close to it,” he said of the two-month shoot in Bangkok.

Could there be ‘Hangover’ spin-off films? Todd Phillips thinks it’s a possibility.
“Oh yeah, I mean, listen, I love this world that we’ve created,” he said at the press conference. “I love every actor in these movies, even all the ones that aren’t here today as well. Who knows, we do a Mr. Chow movie, I haven’t talked to Ken about it but Chow is definitely a man of mystery much like ‘Austin Powers.’ He obviously has a web that is woven deep in crime and women.”

Perhaps the funniest moment in all “The Hangover Part II” press in the last two weeks was watching Todd Phillips rip know-it-all box-office movie guru David Poland a new asshole.
“I remember you telling me before the interview even started, ‘Warner Bros. has this idea that the movie is going to do $100 million dollars and no offense, but I see it topping out at $60 or $70, it’s a good movie, but there is a limit on an R-Rated comedy like this with no stars,'” Phillips recalled. “And you went on to tell me, ‘By the way, I saw ‘Land of The Lost,” it’s a pretty good movie.’ I remember and you started telling me how brilliant ‘Land of The Lost’ was — which I didn’t like — and you were trying to antagonize me in trying to tell me it was a bad idea to open up against, ‘Land Of The Lost.’ Cut to we do $45 million on the weekend.”

Phillips pressed on. “I will say having read your site here and there, you might be the worst box-office prognosticator on the planet earth, let alone that has a website. No, literally. You are wrong 99% of the time,” he said, much to our bellowing laughter. “And you have this bizarre attitude that you know things about the business that you are really in such a distant way in the business… you’re out of control wrong all the time.”

Meanwhile, here’s the visual version of our already-written review of “The Hangover Part II,” below. The film is already in theaters if you haven’t already heard. We expect it to break massive records.

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However they want to but In MEXICO!


i they should make one with mr.chow gets married to this slut and they loose alen in italy and they lost some of thier memory

cecilia moro

i think they should make one were alen gets married and they forget every thing and they get loist in paris and they lost phill


i think that alan should have a birthday party and they all get messed up dont remember anything end up in some weird place and find out later on that they bust mr. chow of jail


What if all the wife's get messed up and they all have to stay there until the wolf pack finds them.


What if Alan gets married. Phil rophes them and they all parachute to the ground


I tollatly wish the people will come out with hangover 3. And maybe film it in New York in manhattan they go to bbqs and end up in the top of the empire state building. Everyone is there except Alan and they will have to survive three days up there until they find him


I wish the ppl can come out with hangover 3 . If they do holy crap it will be funny


They need the third one to be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It'd be great, the way they live over there, they just party and don't give a shit about their troubles, and party some more. I think they should wake up, all seperately, and have to try to communicate to meet in the centre of town or something, and Phil and Stu meet but Alan doesn't arrive. Phil and Stu have to search for Alan, and since they want to make this the last Hangover, maybe they get life imprisonment in the can?


Hangover 3 plot should be, allen gets married to a women just like him, and they all take a couple's vacation to martigraw and party, and wake up with out wives in the swamp, and the wives wake in a hotel hung over, and they all feel what the men felt the first two times and go crazy tryin to find there husbands, and the men try to get back go ther wives from out of the swamp. That will be hilarious to see a woman like allen, and she is the one who drugs everyone.


i think hangover three should have the stripper with balls as his wife and she ends up missing


I say u have allen get married to the girl from bridesmaid the heavy set one that would be the most hilarious thing and then take it feom.there


Alan should get married to the whore "she's a nice lady" from part 1


Idea for hangover 3. They get messed up again and get mr. chou out of jail. This can take place in New York or New Orleans maybe. And Alan has a birthday they party and that's when they end up in some strange place. One of them get's lost or something lol.


it would soo funny if alan marries a chick then finds out that she is a man….


Idea for hangover 3: what if a Alan gets a girlfriend and she's the one that guys everyone..


it was very very awesome movie and the bestest comedic performance.i waiting for the hangover part 3. next time i expect a lot of comedy than the 2.


Hangover 3 : how about JAPAN ? : ) it’s gonna be awesome


If these filmmakers want to reach all potential audiences, they need to include something “shocking” like female frontal nudity for a change. If they continue to include just male genitals I will once again not be seeing their film. or any film which they are involved with.

Blaise Woods

Since they don’t want part 3 to revolve around a wedding, have it revolve around a 40th birthday bash for Alan. And Phil, Stu, and Doug take him to New Orleans to show him a good time before his birthday. When they wake up the next morning, an alligator is in there bathroom, Doug has his ear pierced, Stu has a black eye, a dead guy is in there closet, an above all, Doug finds out that Alan is in a mental institution. So the wolfpack must pick up the puzzle pieces of the forgotten and break Alan out. Maybe have it where they find out they broke Chow out of jail while they were wasted, and maybe have Stu find a double D bra in his pocket and find out that he got it from a stripper who gave him a lap dance. Diora Baird could play the stripper. But I think New Orleans is a perfect setting for part 3.


alan should get married to a super model like (brooklyn decker) for example in hangover 3. then they drink a bunch of shots and they wake up in the white house in # 1 helms loses a tooth in # 2 helm gets a tattoo on his face in # 3 helms gets a grill and it gets stuck on his teeth and he can get it off .


what if hangover 3 took place in amsterdam


We want the hangover 3 in india.


We want the hangover 3 in india.


it looks cool


the hangover part 3 should be about Alan getting married because part 1 was about doug getting married and part 2 was about Stu getting married and Phil is married so it should be about Alan getting married


just make a hangover 3 please!!!!! FAST

Dorian Stokely

I have a disturbingly hard time with what critics’re saying about The Hangover 2. Lets get a few things straight.
1)There’re way too many critics saying that Pt 2’s filled with “gross-out humor” and parts that’re for pure “shock value”. What shock value? Penises? You’re kidding right? They act as if it’s the first movie to brave full frontal nudity. Have they not seen Observe And Report, Sex Drive, Scary Movie and Forgetting Sarah Marshall? And to go back a little oldskool, how ’bout Boogie Nights and Any Given Sunday. And when it comes to female nudity, please. It’s not a comedy if there’re no tits.
2)Gross-out humor? What was gross-out? Ohhh. Ed Helms’ character getting backdoored by a transgendered hooker? I hate to pull out a trump card here, but isn’t that just a tad homophobic? And if that’s not the gross-out humor, what is? I doubt I missed anything seeing it multiple times on a 50-foot screen.
3)This is my biggest issue. People, critics especially, are disdainfully unimpressed by the plot. Listen, guys. What did you expect? The fact that it’s the same template in that they lose someone and can’t remember what happened makes it funny. What else do you want to see? That’s EXACTLY what makes it as funny as it is. The fact that all those things happen again. Having said that, that’s the only thing remotely similar besides Stu, again, being the one to figure out what happened just before Phil confesses their scandalous trysts. I can’t say enough about how different Pt 2 is. Just because they’re drugged again and just because they lose someone by no means should be considered anything like the first. Actually, in Pt 2, the lost person loses himself. HE goes up an elevator to get more ice and the power dies. In the first one, they intentionally bring Doug to the top of the hotel as a prank. Anyone who says it’s “just like” the first one or has “nothing new”, honestly, is jaded and has no sense nor appreciation of this or any legendary or future legendary movie.
4)I also read, before I saw the movie, that the monkey has an “unhealthy obsession” with touching human genitals. Really? After seeing the movie, I was actually angry because of all these stupid reviews that make absolutely no sense.
5)Just in general, people. Anyone who sees this movie and says the things I mentioned before are completely jaded and aren’t satisfied with anything. And it seems to me that all critics are so obsessed with dramas and dramatic movies that they’re literally incapable of unbiased opinions. It’s like if it’s not a deep family drama or a western, it’s grossly underappreciated.
I cannot stress enough how stupid you are if you maintain that the reason you don’t like Pt 2 is because it’s the same as one. You’re beyond dumb, ridiculous, stupid, mentally incompetent and wouldn’t know a good movie if it went down on you if you. That’s just reality. This is, by far, one of the best sequels ever made in cinema history and will be remembered. Partly because it’s brilliant and partly because, well, it’s the highest grossing comedy of all time. Ladies and gentlemen, meet film perfection. Their names are Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Ken Jeong and Todd Phillips. The 2000’s Wolfpack to 1980’s Brat Pack. Some of the decades best comedic pairings.
So, if you haven’t seen this movie yet or’ve been told by people that it’s not good, don’t believe a word until you see it for yourself. It’s worth every penny.


Yeah i looked for him too! I’m super bummed if he really just isnt in it. His cameo in the beginning of Old School was the best! And that was him trying to lick the blonde’s feet on the bus, but it was in Road Trip actually, not Rat Race.


Todd Phillips was in Rat Race I think. When the blonde girl is on the bus and he is wanting to lick her toe? I am sure that is him


does anyone know which scene “Mr. Creepy” aka Todd Phillips is in? he’s credited on imdb, but couldn’t find him in the flick. seen it twice already.


a suggestion for part 3: Rio, Carnival time, the way to go, maybe this can top Thailand, just maybe


When they do Hangover 3, it would be interesting to see it done in Mexico or Rio, but from Phillips’ comment, it may involve the Olympics in some way or form (unless he’s joking of course), which can be a great spin on the series.

Taking into consideration how by-the-numbers the sequel was plot-wise compared to the first, the fact that Phillips is saying (or not, could be joking again, idk) the third will be a different movie entirely is a relief.

That said, a third movie involving Rio de Janiero for the 2016 Olympics could be pretty damn good – the Brazillian government needs tourists now more than ever and can use the attention, and there is honestly no way they can film the movie in time for the London Olympics next year, and they really just can’t do the winter Olympics in Russia for 2014 because… I mean come on, it’s the winter Olympics, no one really cares.

Jennifer De Alba

I think hangover 3 should be maybe about how Mr.Chow brakes out of jail or sum becuz i love Mr.Chow iz FUNNY as hell and to tell yhu the truth i really wanna see Mr.Chow in Hangover 3 because he iz my favorite but i dont think i wanna see ANOTHER guy get married nd someone getz lost but both of the movie were Hilarious nd i really want them to make another hangover and to Jake Hendricks i think you should see Hangover 2 because my opinion iz that the second one iz funnier than the 1st one nd to Carrie i really agree it is HECKA TRASHY!!
-Jennifer De Alba <3


“but from Phillips’ comment, it may involve the Olympics in some way or form (unless he’s joking of course),”

Um…he said it would be LIKE the Olympics in that cities would pitch to him and try to get him to come there.


hangover 3 should be done in Amsterdam that would be insane.

I like the first one better than the 2nd Mr. Chow was my favorite in the 1st and 2nd he definitely should come back for the 3rd installment. He made the movie …

Its hard to make sequels that need to live up to the first. I think that it could of been funnier. It was okay. the first to me was my favorite and funniest movie of all time personal opinion.

It my comments are ever read just know that the 3rd should be done like I stated in AMSTERDAM with the red light district the free marijane and of course with Mr. Chow oh this would be insanley funny.


I think they should bring heather graham back for hangover 3.


Agreed Roy. Though BTTF 2 was entertaining and had an interesting spin/idea on the time travel bit (i ddi enjoy the future stuff), the third film was a vast improvement over the second, which suffered from a messed narrative flow.


Back to The Future Part III is far better than anybody remembers.

Seriously, check it out again. The 2nd is a mess, but the 3rd is really damn good.


Hangover 2 was a great movie…. However don’t spoil it with the previews in 3 like you did with 2.. I thought it would have been a lot more hysterical without seeing the previews first… i.e. the Mike Tyson tattoo…

Robert Streiferd

I loved part III. Of course, that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

-Robert Streiferd


i guess THE HANGOVER 3 will be in Hambourg (Germany) because the deutsch porn is so trashy


does todd phillips use “who let the dogs out” in this one?

Jake Hendricks

The trailer mash-up is priceless. I don’t need to see part 2 now. It’s literally the same movie. Astonishing.


Back to the Future II is NOT medicore, part III? Perhaps, but part 2 is really fun.

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