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Trailer – Michael Pinckney’s “You’re Nobody ’til Somebody Kills You” (Produced By Spike Lee)

Trailer - Michael Pinckney's "You’re Nobody ’til Somebody Kills You” (Produced By Spike Lee)

Here’s your first look at filmmaker Michael “Boogie” Pinckney’s feature film debut, executive-produced by Spike Lee by the way, titled You’re Nobody ’til Somebody Kills You, starring Michael K. Williams, and many others.

It’s been a long-road for the project, being initially announced in 2007! By many accounts, principal photography was completed back in September, and the film is currently in post-production. IMDB lists a release date of November 2011. There’s been little media related to the film released, except some poster art.

Below, we get what appears to be our first real look at the film, in 2 clips – a character profile, with Michael K. Williams in character, and a full “unofficialtrailer, according to Pinckney.

An indie crime drama, described as a Hitchcock-styled thriller, the full synopsis for the film reads: “Set in the perilous world of the Hip Hop industry. Music and murder and collide as a serial killer with an appetite for some of Hip Hops biggest stars is on the loose. Two New York homicide detectives are thrown into a world they know nothing about in hopes to nab the killer. With a multitude of leads and only lyrical epitaphs as clues the detectives go deep into the world of Hip Hop in search of the killer or killers. In it the find a cast of characters, all who could benefit from the murders. At the center of the investigation is Manchild, a rap star who is enjoying a meteoric rise to fame but beginning to question the madness in the industry and the shallowness of those around him. When an attempt is made on his life, he fears he’s next on the killers list. The surprise ending comes to a climax as the detectives are hot on the killers trail and discover that the killer is not who they thought it was.

Watch both videos below for a look at what can be expected from this:

And here’s the “unofficial” trailer:

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Only took me 2 seconds to realize this is going straight to video, lol. We need Wendell B. Harris back.


@ Lynn, What are you talking about? The problem with this film is the quality on all levels, obviously. Who cares if it’s about crime lifestyle dealing with blacks? This debate is so tired. Do they still make people like you. I swear….

Anthony E.

Sounded interesting when Spike Lee was set up to direct some time ago as it was labeled a straight up horror genre type of feature.

This looks like a rip off of Butter with Shemar Moore but that film looked a bit better.

Straight to DVD.


What is this?? I feel like there is way too many stories depicting the crime lifestyle in America. Especially, when it deals w/ Blacks.

Why is Spike Lee attached to this ish?? He is very double standard he is always discussing how African-Americans need to preserve the image in a positive light. smh

New Horizons

I feel the premise is interesting. However I’m not sure if it will be well executed based on the clips. The basic story has the potential to rival many heralded character studies and tragedies. If it could do this in a hip-hop setting that would be amazing. There is definitely enough inspiration in real life to draw from. I hope for the best and applaud the filmmakers for trying take a classic film ideas and applying them to a somewhat modern setting.

Mr. Bubbles

Oh yeah I definitely want to see this after seeing the unofficial trailer. COUNT ME IN!!


Ehh…I’d catch it if it were streaming on Netflix. Other than that, not too interested.

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