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Trailer Watch: Spy Kids in 4-D Stars Jessica Alba, Spy Dog

Trailer Watch: Spy Kids in 4-D Stars Jessica Alba, Spy Dog

Robert Rodriguez has managed to keep the Spy Kids franchise fresh over a decade–and it has earned $485.2 million worldwide to date. This time, with fourth installment All the Time in the World (in 4-D!), he adds Sin City babe Jessica Alba as a stepmom with a secret–as well as a very talented dog. Opening date: August 19.

Here’s the international trailer:

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(ACHILLIES, ATHENA, ALEXIES, ALBA, BOUNCE are in their civilians and Heavens Raiders vests to talk to the German planet next to an American planet. Exact location classified for now. Today they arrive on 5 different black Raptor flying space quads. They will be talking about war with the generals at Fort Georgia classified. They just flew in from one of the Death Worlds on flying space Raptor quads.)

ATHENA yes we headed out to the field range to do some talking about bringing the Raiders into defuse the war between this planet and a new developed child molester army known as a rapist army. We will see if we want or can help today. We get free ammo and get to use your guns and weapons for the peace talks yippee free ammo. We thought most of you would like chicks and guns more then the free ammo.

ALEXIES before we get to the range you want to stop and talk about key issues that have come up. Lets just talk about them on the way and when we are there. Yes the criminal justice system, health care, education system, prisons need to go down. Yes the German planet Earth has real life prisons. Yes we get you are capable of blowing it up but when they re-grow they will build prisons again. We need to get it out of their systems. Yes those are really cool issues but we wanted to talk about guns and girls today.

ALBA yes guns, girls is a hot topic but we guess we can talk about all of it. Earth is a lock down planet from space. They will freak out if they see all the ships trying to get the issue of the prison system out to the public and the right people. This rapist army you are at war with got any good warriors maybe they can meet us in the dome. The US Marines Thunder Dome is a place that might help out the issue of friendship.

BOUNCE thought we were only going to do girls and guns today. The education system needs to go down on all planets and set to Adult School. The teachers will do critics to see if you can go to the next class or so up. Some people do not want grading anymore. Heavens Family happen to be “to do it alls.” They also get strait A’s so we might want grades to stay. Right now the little guys have to do slavery work. The blacks were burdened with slavery but the little guys might even have as high of a burdened or worse. It had to be said that way. Slavery is nothing to joke about but the little guys need to get back to slavery work.

ALBA yes we should not joke around that the little guys need to get back to work but we have to find away to say it that the people will realize what school is present day. We would think once you get the little guys are in slavery the whole education system would be shutdown. The little guys have homework that everybody in the family have to read books and look up answers on. No matter your walk of life if you help a little guy out you will not know all the answers and will have to read painful books throughout the night. It is hard to believe that the schools were not shut down right when they heard what school work and such are. We Heavens Royal Family we are not responsible for the little guys homework, class work or schools that need to go down. We would not want to be responsible for this one it is that big. We caring your guns, ammo out to the field range and then yes all of these new issues seem big.

ACHILLIES yes we get the guys in Hollywood and then at this base were asking about the girls. We get you guys might want to get with the daddies little girls Hanna and the Hannibals one day so here are the requirements. You most own at least 1-3 exotic cars, have the understanding for executive work, many other requirements and then oh yeah you have to be an Astrophysicist.

“Heavens Raiders, Heavens Black Knights, Heavens White Knights, Heavens Green Berets”

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The trailer doesn’t play anymore. I was hoping it would tell me what the hell 4-D is.

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