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Trailer Watch: The Descendants: George Clooney Has Feelings, Too!

Trailer Watch: The Descendants: George Clooney Has Feelings, Too!

Writer-director Alexander Payne has a thing for dealing with middle-aged men in crisis — Paul Giamatti in Sideways, Jack Nicholson in About Schmidt –and now, it’s George Clooney in The Descendants. Payne co-adapted the story from Kaui Hart Hemmings’ 2008 novel. The story explains itself in the trailer below. Fox Searchlight will release the film December 16 after a run on the fall fest circuit, from Venice to Toronto.

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Dotty Mackenzie

I’ve been a massive fan of Alexander Payne since Election but, if I’m honest, this looks a little dull to me. First of all, the trailer has spoiled what appeared to be one of the most dramatic moments in the film, but that’s an irrelevant criticism I suppose. Nonetheless, it seems utterly devoid of the edge and sharp wit that Sideways, About Schmidt and Election held to a tee.
Despite how much I enjoyed About Schmidt the one thing that I felt held it all together was Jack Nicholson’s performance, one that I consider his best. He is absolutely essential to reining the audience in, as well as keeping us planted on the seats. Yet, as I watch this trailer, it appears George Clooney is giving another Burn-After-Reading-over-the-top-type performances, which is a real shame.

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