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‘Transformers 3’ Soundtrack To Ruin Your Ears With Linkin Park, Paramore, My Chemical Romance & More

'Transformers 3' Soundtrack To Ruin Your Ears With Linkin Park, Paramore, My Chemical Romance & More

What year is this? Seriously. Because looking at the tracklisting for Michael Bay‘s “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon” soundtrack it feels like we’ve been whipped mercilessly back a least a decade or more. Somebody needs to update Bay’s iPod.

While the film will be obliterating your eyes with shiny metallic things going boom and Josh Duhamel yelling “GO AMERICA,” your ears will be waterboarded by bands like Linkin Park, Paramore (whose “Monster” is brand spanking new), My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, Staind, Goo Goo Dolls and Theory Of A Deadman. Yep, it’s a crash course of music called Knuckledraggers 101. But seriously, who listens to fucking Staind or Goo Goo Dolls these days on purpose? The only “highlight” is a cover of ZZ Top‘s “Just Got Paid” by the masterful metal act Mastodon who can can play circles around everyone else on the disc and drink them under the table too. The track — which you can listen to below — finds them playing well below their usual standards but compared to everything else on here we’ll take it.

Anyway, the album will street on June 7th, a couple of weeks before the Transformers go to the moon or something on June 29th. Full tracklist below. [via MetalUnderground]

“Transformers: Dark Of The Moon” Soundtrack Tracklisting

1. Linkin Park – Iridescent
2. Paramore – Monster
3. My Chemical Romance – The Only Hope For Me Is You
4. Taking Back Sunday – Faith
5. Staind – The Bottom
6. Art Of Dying – Get Thru This
7. Goo Goo Dolls – All That You Are
8. Theory Of A Deadman – Head Above Water
9. Black Veil Brides – Set The World On Fire
10. Skillet – Alive & Awake (Remix)
11. Mastodon – Just Got Paid (ZZ Top cover)

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pimpcalled slickbac

bra don go hatn on linkin park…..if u ddn't hv anythang 2 write abt u should hv juss kept 2 yoself….'rings' around who….

John Doe

@Benjamin Hey dude i found out the song, it’s U2 – North Star


Transformers 3 was awesome for one. And all of these bands sound great and worked wonderfully for the movie. I love it. So shut the fuck up “critic” and get that stick out of your ass.


hows the soundtrack on the 8 min and 28min. i serach but i`m not found.


HAHA, you guys have no taste, linkin park now sucks shit, old linkin park was mean. BLACK VEIL BRIDES is where its at!!


You really must be smoking some strong stuff if you think this album sucked. Best Movie i have seen in a long time and GREAT soundtrack. Your mom must have dropped you as a baby


Is this article writer a complete moron? Dude, you went full retard with your article…never go full retard.


Are you retarded? You’re expecting an ACTION MOVIE to not play rock music by extremely respectable bands? Wtf is wrong with you, these are all amazing songs! Jeez, where has our society gone if you think this stuff is old and shitty…


Linklin Park and Goo Goo Dolls are my favorite bands and are ten times cooler mastodon I have never heard of them tell now so the suck


who knows what’s the name of the song where the girl goes to the room to wake up sam?….when the movie starts!….i can’t find it!


Even if you have some beef with mainstream music, it’s hard to say that a band like Theory of a Deadman (which has my favorite song from this whole sountrack) is really a chart-topping mainstream band. And as for bands like Taking Back Sunday are hardly any worse just because they’ve been respectable and prolific for years. If anything it gives credibility to the album. As far as Mastodon goes, I love the covers they do as much as anybody, but it’s a fairly even playing field in terms of quality amongst most of these bands.

bob frisky

you are insane man. he chooses all the songs that go prefect with the movie and fit together. i guess this music is just to GOOD for you and you have to listen to REAL music


The only great soundtrack in TF3 is by Steve Jablonsky, the real music that drives the film, not some cheap commercial crap by Linkin Park.


Leave it to an indie hipster to try and irrationalize a perfectly good soundtrack because the bands on it have actually released more than one song. And their songs sound different too.

james hell

Too mainstream for you, Hipster?


Mastadon can play circles around Linkin Park? Are you high?


wow hipster much? These bands are on the soundtrack because they top charts, sell out arenas, and have huge numbers of fans. these bands are fantastic and extremely talented. Even if you hate them you can’t really deny that they are influential


All of the Transformers soundtracks have featured mainstream rock acts so far, so why should it be any different. What, just because hipsters and indie kids hate mainstream rock and bands that use distortion this is considered dated and mad music. Get your head out from under the sand. These bands sell out arenas while your indie bands can’t seem to get out of the 500 capacity clubs.


I expect nothing less from a pretentious website toted as “indiewire.” Mastadon can play circles around Linkin Park? I’m anxious to see what other things are featured in this alternate universe.


My Chemical Romance , Paramore , Taking Back Sunday … plus the other bands obviously Michael Bay has ruined Transformers but he knows music and MCR is the greatest highlight of the soundtrack so you need to update your ipod and learn how to write a review you fucking critic




FYI.some soundtrack info from MusicWeek・com.

[i]Universal Music Publishing has scored a string of high profile film syncs with a number of bespoke compositions from Elvis Costello, Basement Jaxx and Mumford & Sons debuting on the big screen this year.[/i]

“Sparkling Day by Costello leads the soundtrack for One Day, a film adaptation of David Nicholls’ best-selling book. The Mumford & Sons track Enemy has been recorded for the end-title of a remake of Wuthering Heights. ”

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