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Vertigo Films To Make Sequel To Gareth Edwards’ Indie-Flick ‘Monsters’

Vertigo Films To Make Sequel To Gareth Edwards' Indie-Flick 'Monsters'

But Edwards Won’t Be Returning Behind The Camera

Gareth Edwards‘ “Monsters” was little-seen last year, even though reaction to the film from critics was wholly positive. The director made the film for a micro-budget and produced many of the special effects on his own computer. And while Edwards is already moving on to bigger, possibly better things with a “Godzilla” re-imagining, U.K. production company Vertigo Films has decided make a sequel to the original “Monsters” in the hopes of attracting a wider audience.

Screen Daily has announced that Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas will direct “Monsters 2,” with Edwards providing guidance as an executive producer. There’s a handful of other producers getting in on the action including “Monsters” lead actor Scoot McNairy (who’s gone on to be breakout star in his own right, co-starring with Brad Pitt in “Cogan’s Trade“), Rupert Preston of Vertigo and Ben Pugh and Rory Aitken of “Between the Eyes.” This story will introduce a teacher who enters the infected zone of the city to find his brother.

Allan Niblo of Vertigo Films promises “lots more creatures” in this follow-up, and that many actors have expressed “quite a lot of interest” in joining the cast of the film. “We wouldn’t have done it if we didn’t find the right talent [in the two new directors]. Gareth loves their vision. People want to see more of this world,” Niblo explains. The company wants a six-month shoot in Argentina or the Dominican Republic, but insists that the film will still have a low budget of under $5 million.

Vertigo has quite a few interesting projects in development, including Nicolas Winding Refn‘s next movie “Pusher” and “The Sweeney” with Ray Winstone. While we’re not sure if “Monsters” is worthy of a sequel, it did make back almost 10 times its budget being shown to a relatively small audience for sci-fi. Maybe with a star attached, the “Monsters” universe could expand even farther.

Thoughts? Did you see “Monsters?” Do you want to see a sequel made?

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Greg Stuart Smith

Yes!!! I love the original and believe that the reality Gareth created deserves to be expanded upon. They can easily be true to the original vibe, but still grow this universe, especially if they're attaching hungry, young artists that want to make their mark. It will be a micro/small budgeted version of the same challenges Cameron had to tackle while making ALIENS. Now I know there were nay-sayers back in the 80's who were groaning about how Hollywood was blaspheming the original by making a sequel, but at the end of the day, both ALIEN and ALIENS are classics, neither one being better than the other. The same universe, even the same main character, but ALIENS was a different kind of movie altogether, one that drew inspiration from the first, but that was really an action film at it's core, which is why it worked.

As far as MONSTERS goes, it would be a disservice to the first film to tell the same kind of tale, to just try and copy the magic of the original. Being a sequel to a micro-budgeted original, you couldn't even do it. Think of how great a sequel 28 WEEKS LATER was to 28 DAYS LATER. It worked, because it drew on the same universe to inform itself, but was a completely different take and story type altogether – much like ALIENS, it was more of an action film.

I think it's great when micro to low budgeted trailblazer gets a chance to up the ante the second go around, especially when new voices are involved. As long as it is informed by the original, not dictated to follow a set templet like big budget sequels, sequels of this kind often work out great! It's not a micro budgeted found-footage sequel either, which is good. Those, I believe, do not work at all. This will work! MONSTERS II will work! At the very least it may get more people to go see the original! And that is a very good thing!

I love this universe and can't wait to see the new spin on it! Best of luck, I say!!!


Good SciFi, loved the light love story attached: both human & extraterrestrial. We sincerely hope there will be a sequel!

Christopher Bell

The movie was about xenophobia you goose!

Gabe Toro

Maybe this time the movie will be ABOUT something.


Please don’t. What made Monsters so remarkable is that the low budget forced the creatures to be secondary to genuine character development. By focusing on the creatures, the novelty pretty much evaporates.

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