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Watch A Preview, Promo Of ABC’s “Charlie’s Angels” Series Reboot (There’s A New Black Angel In Town)

Watch A Preview, Promo Of ABC's "Charlie's Angels" Series Reboot (There's A New Black Angel In Town)

Following up with the below preview of Shonda Rhimes’ new series starring Kerry Washington… here’s another preview of another upcoming new ABC series… the Charlie’s Angels reboot… this time with one black Angel.

Excited? No? Well, maybe the below clip will help… or maybe not.

The “black Angel” (Kate) is played by Annie Ilonzeh (a relative newcomer, with an IMDB resume going back to just 2007; mostly bit parts in TV shows); her character is said to be a smart and athletic ex-cop with martial arts skills.

Watch her kick arse below:

Here’s the promo trailer:

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carrie carisma

Sure, they can kick a— but they seem to be forgetting something….WHERE THE HELL IS THE CHEMISTRY!?!? I don’t feel it….fail!


The movies were awful


And the Black angel still has to be the maid….


This shit looks CORNY! “We’re not…we’re angels” ugh! I just bet Minka Kelly (with her annoying baby voice) is gonna be the lead.


What? since when are hotel doors so easily kicked in? The S.W.A.T. team at least uses a ram rod… This will appeal to some..(but not for long)


Looks like crap. I know i sound like a troll but it just looks terrible. Homegirl should have stayed on General Hospital.

D. Cain

Undercovers should’ve had that kind of action.


MadTV did a hilarious skit that looked similar to this years ago; one scene had them fighting slo-mo in real time for that extra cheezy 70’s effect. That’s what this corny, empowered women ish reminds me of but at least MadTV was SUPPOSED to be comedy


*should (not she).


@ladyb LOL Yes, looks like this has a big time cheese factor and yet, they want us to take it seriously. :/ Minka Kelly’s overrated arse just makes it worse.

This no doubt she have been on the CW, where they can get away with being majorly cheesy. If this actually succeeds, I’ll be surprised.


Is Drew Barrymore still backing this? Last I heard of this show she wanted Rihanna to be the Black angel.


Too bad this wasn’t on the CW–it’d actually have a chance, and it could be paired with the equally cheesy, but entertaining reboot of Nikita.


I love it when girls who weigh about 100 lbs max beat up dudes twice their size with no problem. It’s actually fun when it’s deliberately absurd like Hit Girl in KICK ASS or HANNA. But this is (sort of) playing it straight. GTFOH.


Yawn this will be canceled just wait and see.

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