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Watch: First Two-Minute Clip Of Ryan Gosling In Nicolas Winding Refn’s Cannes Entry ‘Drive’

Watch: First Two-Minute Clip Of Ryan Gosling In Nicolas Winding Refn's Cannes Entry 'Drive'

Update: We’ve been informed that the music in the clip is actually Johnny Jewel‘s “Tick of the Clock.” Originally it was song by his previous group Chromatics, but it was remade specifically for “Drive.”

We’re only a week away from the start of the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, and while the vast majority of us won’t be attending, it generally does mean that we get our first glimpses of the films bowing there, in the form of trailers and clips. It’s not quite the same as seeing the films themselves on the Croisette, but it at least kind of makes up for it. We’ve already seen glimpses of The Kid With The Bike,” Sleeping Beauty and, of course, The Tree of Life,” and now a new look has arrived for one of one of our most anticipated films of the festival: Nicolas Winding Refn‘s minimalist thriller “Drive.”

Refn really pushed his way into our list of favorite helmers a few years back with the one-two punch of “Bronson” and “Valhalla Rising,” and for his follow-up, he’s taken over a long-in-development script, based on the James Sallis novel, and once mooted for the less appetizing pair of Neil Marshall and Hugh Jackman, about a Hollywood stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver. He cast Ryan Gosling in the lead (and they clearly get on well, as they’re planning to reteam for the blockbuster “Logan’s Run“), and backed him up with an outstanding supporting cast, including Carey Mulligan, Albert Brooks, Oscar Isaacs, Bryan Cranston, Christina Hendricks and Ron Perlman.

The two-minute clip, from the very beginning of the film, follows Gosling in the aftermath of a heist, attempting to evade the attentions of the law, and it’s hugely promising, displaying some glorious, Michael Mann-style nocturnal cinematography (from “The Usual Suspects” and “Three Kings” mastermind Newton Thomas Siegel), and some cracking sound design, as a radio basketball game melds with the output of a police scanner, and very subtly, Cliff Martinez‘s throbbing electronic score.

There’s no embed available for the moment, so head over to the Cannes site to check it out. It’s all shaping up nicely, and we’re just jealous that we won’t get to see it right now, although hopefully our man in the South of France will be checking it out during the festival. The rest of us will be able to catch up with “Drive” when FilmDistrict, who are looking like real players in the marketplace after their surprise success with “Insidious” and “Soul Surfer,” release it in theaters on September 16th.

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suzanne renolds

I love Ryan Gosling, I love Nicolas Refn’s work, and I love Johnny Jewel’s music. Anyone know if he contributed more music for the soundtrack? This makes me want to fly to Cannes. All I can really say is WOW.

charles daniels

The music in this clip is amazing! I hope they put out the soundtrack.


I love it..

Yet knowing the clip would end that tension was sharply crescendoing.


That clip looks great! I cannot wait to see this.


I agree the great cinematography of ‘ Drive ‘ reminds me of Mann’s ‘ Heat ‘ and also reminds me of Soderbergh’s ‘ Out of Sight’ ( Soderbergh and his cinematographer pulled -off the impossible task of making Detroit look sexy ) . Yes, after seeing this clip- color me interested.


Small thing but it sounds like they have the Clippers’ TV announcers playing over the radio.

Clip looks interesting but impossible to judge anything off of it. I’m hoping this and Crazy Stupid Love could be what makes Gosling a star and he, in turn, uses his status to get some edgier fare made by the studios.

Leah Zak

Good lord I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a movie… this clip is everything I wanted it to be, can’t wait until September!


God this is gonna be so dope. Great clip.


My most anticipated film of 2011.

Can’t wait.

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