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Watch: Holy CGI! New Trailer For ‘Green Lantern’ Lights Up

Watch: Holy CGI! New Trailer For 'Green Lantern' Lights Up

It was reported recently that Warner Bros. was racing to meet the release date for “Green Lantern,” hiring on a new VFX production house and adding $9 million to the budget to get all the special effects finished in time. Now we see why.

A new trailer has landed online today (and will be in theaters in front of “Thor“) for the comic book film and it’s pretty much wall-to-wall CGI. Featuring lots of new footage, Warner Bros. seems intent on selling the eye candy of the film instead of actual plot so we gets lots and lots of Oa, Ryan Reynolds in his computer generated suit and lots of dark, cloudy stuff (yeah, we know it’s Parallax but Joe Average Moviegoer doesn’t) and not much else. Even Peter Sarsgaard is still relegated to third-billing status and Blake Lively is once again pretty much shut out completely. And the overall vibe on it? Still not really feeling this. The spot is a complete tonal switch from the goofy Reynolds quipping spots that came previously, but the action-adventure angle seems kinds of muted and not as epic as it should feel. But hey, if “Thor” turned out better than we expected, anything is possible.

“Green Lantern” opens on June 17th. Trailer below.

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You just had to bring up Sucker Punch. Is that your sly way of saying Green Lantern will be an over cgi-ed, money-losing crapfest too?

Mr Anonymous

You guys are being WAY too hard on this! I have a feeling this will sucker punch you all and in a good way!

Definetely in no way a stinker. Trust me! ;)


I’m a Green Lantern fan. I so badly want this movie to be good. But I’m, sadly, I’m not feeling it either. Hopefully I’m proven wrong.

And please, someone (fan or not a fan) has got to agree with me – that mask is GOD AWFUL.

I do like the training scenes though and Parallax.


“if i would only live the day when playlist is actually positive about something?????????????????”

ryan gosling, tree of life, megan ellison…


Dear jesse, I feel the love… If you did not care so much about the GL, i doubt if you would have taken the time to post here.. Don’t worry, I know you will love every minute of this film I bet the family farm on it!!!


They may know Cinema??? But they do not know and cannot know what people like or dislike. The more negatively critical they are, they more they feel more like critics. Wow… It’s not life or death, its only Entertainment!! LIGHTEN UP

Jenni "JWoww" Farley

I am fed up with Peter Sarsgaard and Mark Strong always playing villains and being typecast as well as Ryan Reynolds playing all these superheroes. When The Green Lantern is released, the public will be bewildered between it, The Green Hornet and the Green Arrow from Smallville.


Y’all mad.

If you don’t like what you see, don’t post about it.


Why would they be positive about a piece of shit like Green Lantern? These guys know cinema, and Green Lantern looks like a waste of anyone’s time.


if i would only live the day when playlist is actually positive about something?????????????????


what a mess

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