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Watch New Clips From Queen Latifah-Produced Series “Single Ladies” (2-Hour Pilot Airs May 30)

Watch New Clips From Queen Latifah-Produced Series "Single Ladies" (2-Hour Pilot Airs May 30)

Previously profiled on this site… the upcoming new Queen Latifah-produced original scripted VH1 series called Single Ladies – a dramedy about a group of female best friends with different philosophies on sex and relationships, set in the world of Atlanta fashion, music, and celebrity, with Lisa Raye & Stacey Dash, Lauren London and others starring.

The pilot episode will be a 2-hour feature-length film introduction to the weekly series that will follow, which will air on May 30th at 9PM on VH1.

And the series itself will begin in July.

Test screenings have reportedly been overwhelmingly positive, so much that VH1 felt confident enough to solidify an agreement, already ordering 8 episodes to start, with inevitable comparisons being made to HBO’s Sex In The City.

The series is said to be meant to satisfy fans of CW’s Girlfriends which was canceled in 2008.

DB Woodside is also part of the principal cast; while Eve, Common, Chili, and Kim Porter appear in the pilot movie (although not sure about the rest of the series).

In anticipation of the May 30th movie debut, VH1 unveiled several clips and profiles to whet your appetite; I embedded 4 of them below, which should give you an idea of what to expect:

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Might be a good show but you could hadd alittle more color in their. Add a China woman, Indian woman and a mexican women to even it out.


God, Living Single was nearly 20 years ago, feel like we digressed.

Ah, Living Single.

And only season 1 is available to rent/purchase, darnit.

Not interested in this show, but I wish them success.


What shit is the Queen smoking? these broads look old…smh

Miles Ellison

This is a lit match away from hot garbage.


I will give this show a chance but satisfying fans of Girlfriends? Sorry but I doubt it could do that. Girlfriends’ cast and writing gave the show some much needed originality that helped set it apart from the female-centered shows of the past. This looks more like a knockoff of SATC than Girlfriends.


I have zero interest in this show but that’s just me..



Also, all the women look the same. Same long weaves, same contoured noses. Even by shade, not much variation. And is the white girl mandatory now?

So many sistas are going natural today. A little more diversity would be nice. Barbies dipped in chocolate is not enough. God, Living Single was nearly 20 years ago, feel like we digressed.


I wish the show success, but it would be refreshing to see black women in a series that didn’t revolve around finding a man. As if that’s the only reason we were born. Fingers crossed that Shonda Rhimes’ “In Crisis” with Kerry Washington will set a much needed refocus.


Waste… Another derivative of Girlfriends/Waiting To Exhale/The Game/Zane Sex Chronicles (without the sex.) And can Lisa Raye and the white girls acting be any worst?

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