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Watch: New U.K. Trailer For ‘One Day’ A Slight Improvement

Watch: New U.K. Trailer For 'One Day' A Slight Improvement

Lone Scherfig‘s followup to her acclaimed “An Education” is not lacking in talent. Starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, and based on the best-selling novel by David Nicholls, our expectations that were once running were somewhat dashed when the first trailer for the film dropped last month.

However, a new U.K. spot for the film has landed and while not perfect, it is a slight improvement over its predecessor mostly in that it drops the standard rom-com template. The story follows Dexter (Sturgess), a spoiled rich TV host and Emma (Hathaway), a politically minded, insecure, working class Yorkshire girl, who meet on the same day, July 15th, for the 20 years after they share a one-night stand together at university. Certainly, the drama is much more deeply felt in this recent trailer but problems still abound. Hathaway’s accent is kind of dreadful, the dialogue remains clunky in spots and we’re still not seeing what will elevate this past your standard romcom. But we’re hoping this is just a of case of the film getting marketed to bring in a crowd and that the final result is something a bit richer and more dynamic than films of this ilk.

One Day” opens on August 19th. Check out the trailer below.

<a href=";from=%7Bfrom%7D&#038;vid=cf47846b-85fe-4960-9bba-341020638de0&#038;from=dest_en-gb&#038;fg=dest" target="_blank" title="Exclusive Movie Trailer: One Day" rel="nofollow" >Video: Exclusive Movie Trailer: One Day</a>

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Sorry,but I wonder what [i]She’s no Cate Blanchett (By first Alex))[/i] means…I remember many people slam Cate’s acccen in HANNA.And since when is accent becaming most important thing in the film? It means nothing for non-English speaker like me, anyway…lol

Btw…I think this film will finally bring Jim Sturgess recognition/the exposure he deserves.It was really unfortunately such a talented young actor was so overlooked.I saw Ryan Gosling’s performance first time in 2004 and thought he was a future Oscar nominee.So, glad to see his career is flowering brilliantly.But for me,it’s Jim Sturgess,I think best young actor in decade.I just happened saw his performance first time on DVD early 2007.It’s his early work(Thursday the 12th) .I thought he was best young actor in many years and since then I’ve following his career with great interest.Amazing actor,awesome singer and a really nice person.I love The Playlist and believe The Playlist has great taste in actors.I just hope you check out his finest works(Fifty Dead Men Walking and HEARTLESS) soon.And it’d be great if you interview him in the future.

Sorry for the long post and for my English.


Sure, the accent may be off, but honestly, I dont think it will affect the performance all that much. The accent is an external part, I am sure Hathaway will be able to play all of Emma’s internal aspects to perfection.

If someone goes in there, expecting the accent to be perfect, then the film will be runied for them. Stop focusing on the negative and focus on the positive.

Side Note: I am very, very excited for this film. I love the book, and all involved.


I suppose American’s won’t find the accent that bad, but for English people- that’s just a terrible accent- i’d be concerned if any of my friends started speaking like that


I don’t Anne’s accent is that bad, but I haven’t seen the movie. Besides, most people didn’t have a problem with Leo Dicaprio’s mediocre accent in ‘ Blood Diamond ‘ and Matt Damon & Morgan Freeman’s shaky accent work in ‘ Invictus ‘. After seeing both trailers, Anne & Jim have great chemistry.


It’s very different from US trailer,but I think it’s fantastic.Trailer is promotion tool、not short version of actual film.I think both ONE DAY trailers are very appealing to each audience.It’s summer,full of blockbusters and flashy trailers.I think ONE DAY trailers have to be magnetic(,not artistic).Or else these are not stand out.Anyway,I just love both US and UK tarilers.


Accent is pretty terrible. Though after Ella Enchanted and Becoming Jane (or whatever it was called) I understand why they thought she could do a convincing English Accent.

She’s no Cate Blanchett or Meryl Streep with the accents.

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