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Watch Now – “sisters.” A Short Film

Watch Now – "sisters." A Short Film

From Team Sizzle Films, “sisters.” is a nicely nuanced look at discord between siblings and the sometimes uncomfortable yet comfortably familiar family quirks and qualms that bind them. We’re taken on a tense lunch appointment with two sisters (played by Dionne Audain and Tanya Diallo Welsh) who are patently aware of the complexity of their relationship, yet still make the effort to struggle through the funk of familial friction to love each other regardless. It delivers an authentic love-hate dynamic fuelled with a healthy does of drama but without resorting to the antics of high melodrama and/or schmaltzy feel-goodness.

Written and directed by Monica Mingo who describes it as their “little film that could” the film was shot in one weekend for under $8,000. It premiered at ABFF 2010 and went on to the Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, and won the Best Short Film 2010 accolade at International Black Film Festival Nashville.

Team Sizzle Films is made up of Mingo (Creative Director), Tarik Dickens (Managing Director) and Terrell Suggs who, when not playing lineback for NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, is Team Sizzle Films’ CEO. They are also the same team behind When Beautiful People Do Ugly Things, which will screen in The Short Film Corner at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, so you can expect to see more from them. In the meantime, here’s their short little film that did. sisters.

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Holy bad acting Batman! Why did you post this on your site? The younger sister’s acting is simply atrocious. Makes Tyler Perry Films look Oscar worthy by comparison.


It was entertaining but that sure was a wide age difference


It was kind of entertaining 2 watch. Tanya Diallo Welsh needs acting lessons she was not believable at all to me.

Jean Riddle

This shortie was the longest film I have seen in along time. It hit on more points than a 3 point basketball player could ever hit. Speaking of hitting /it hit me in my mind and heart. It left me wondering what is the man going to do………..We only focused on and heard two people. This film has more characters in it than we saw…deep and shallow people. Life and death issues…so much in so little time was put in this film. Just like much to do.. until you realize there is so little time to do it in…………I really liked SISTERS………..TRUTH


I love this! My book is about the complicated relationship between sisters. Still it always comes back to love.

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