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Watch Preview Of New J.J. Abrams CBS Series “Person Of Interest” Co-Starring Taraji P. Henson

Watch Preview Of New J.J. Abrams CBS Series "Person Of Interest" Co-Starring Taraji P. Henson

Well… we know Taraji P. Henson is the female lead in this, playing an NYPD homicide detective, but she’s nowhere to be found in the below 3 1/2-minute first-look at the crime-thriller series, which CBS picked up to debut this fall, Thursdays nights at 9 p.m.

Titled Person Of Interest, the new series was created by wunderkind producer/director J.J. Abrams, maybe one of the busiest men in Hollywood right now, with the myriad of projects he has in hands in, both in film and television. Christopher Nolan’s younger brother, Jonah Nolan, already famous in his own right for co-writing both The Dark Knight and The Prestige, co-developed the project.

The crime-drama focuses on James Caviezel’s character, an ex-CIA agent presumed dead who’s aid is enlisted by Michael Emerson’s mysterious billionaire, to fight crimes in New York City.

Watch the preview below… just don’t look for Taraji.

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Gigi Young

Jason Bourne+Enemy of the State

Seems J.J. is much more hyped and interested in this project than he was with UnderCovers…smh…


Benjamin Linus, Jesus and Minority Report…

Jesus, I mean, Jim Caviezel’s monotonistic voice…

I like the premise but would hope that a subplot involves explanation of this mysterious billionaire’s ‘magiks’ and whatnot with the number listings and such. And it better not be a computer in a bunker on an uncharted island in the south pacific…


I comment because I care…for the most part, about Abrams and what he’s up to, (the now debunked and canceled Undercovers notwithstanding…)

This trailer would’ve been much better had it less brooding testosterone (i.e. put Taraji in the danggone trailer already!) LOL


Well, at least it looks better than “Scandal” or whatever the title s for that new Shonda Rhimes Tv series starring Kerry W.

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