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Watch: Say Hello To The Fuzzy Pack In Awesome New ‘The Muppets’ Teaser

Watch: Say Hello To The Fuzzy Pack In Awesome New 'The Muppets' Teaser

Can we just say that if the marketing for “The Muppets” continues to be this clever and fun, we won’t mind the onslaught for one second.

A new fake out teaser trailer, this time entitled “The Fuzzy Pack,” has arrived for “The Muppets” and it’s absolutely great. Riffing on the teaser trailer for “The Hangover Part II,” this latest spot finds our felt covered friends recovering after a very hard night. We won’t spoil the cameo that arrives at the end and just let you enjoy it for yourself.

Starring Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Rashida Jones, Chris Cooper and featuring appearances by many, many, many more this big, colorful film will land on November 23rd and it already looks like a highlight of the holiday season.

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Sanford is obviously not familliar with the scope of the Henons muppetry! Farscape was not a kids show, it was the finest science fiction show tv has ever known [with BSG
being a close 2nd]! Those of us who are old enough to remember the original muppets tv show also remember the clever wit that would usually go over the heads of kids, and was understood by the over 20-30 crowd exclusively. I have always loved the henson brand whether it was made for kids or adults there was always something that could be appreciated by old and young alike, so I for one at the ripe young age of 51 wouldn’t miss it for anything!

Christopher Bell

If adults are going to see multiple movies featuring pirates and giant green guys, well, muppets ain’t such a stretch.


The Muppets were never just for kids. The show and movies were chock-full of witty, adult-friendly humor. And yes, plenty of people who grew up with the show (or in my case, were shown it on DVD by their parents) are dying to see it.

Angelica Jade

I am 22 and I am eager to see this move. I’ve always had a fondness for the muppets and Jim Henson Company’s designs on Farscape. So I will definitely be there!

Edward Davis

Clearly you don’t know the power of Nostaliga. I’m sure 30 year olds (and older) want to see it even more than 12 year olds because they grew up with the original show.

The original show ran from 1976–1981, those people — and any people who were already like 5-11 years of age or so starting in 1976 — are the ones who will come in droves.


question – does anyone over the age of twelve, actually want to go see a muppets movie? And by that I don’t mean taking your kids to see it.

I always find it weird reading these posts talking about how awesome a muppets movie looks and stuff…is this really a movie other 20 or 30s somethings would pay to see or buy on dvd (without having kids)?

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