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Watch Trailer For Award-Winning, Internationally-Screened Nigerian Film “Anchor Baby”

Watch Trailer For Award-Winning, Internationally-Screened Nigerian Film "Anchor Baby"

Anchor Baby is a Nigerian film that’s gained some major recognition on the festival circuit. It’s screened, as an official selection, at some popular film festivals so far including Pan African Film Festival and the San Diego Black Film Festival. It also garnered two nominations at the 2011 African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA). Presently, it’s screening at the Cannes film festival marketplace.

The story follows a married, illegal immigrant couple who are expecting a child and are determined, despite being forced by US immigration to leave the country, to have the child in the US.

Written and directed by Lonzo Nzekwe, the film stars Omoni Oboli, Sam Sarpong, Terri Oliver, Colin Paradine, Mark Cassius, Michael Scratch, Cyrus Faird and Santiago Lopera.


Married, illegal immigrant couple Joyce (Omoni Oboli) and Paul Unanga (Sam Sarpong) have been ordered by the U.S. immigration to leave the country. They decide that they will leave, but only after Joyce, who is five months pregnant, delivers her baby in the U.S. This will guarantee automatic U.S. citizenship for their child. Ignoring the deportation order the couple goes into hiding. Later, Paul is caught and deported by a team of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, led by agent Mark Castello (Michael Scratch). This leaves Joyce to struggle on her own to accomplish their dream.

But bureaucracy keeps getting in the way of Joyce achieving her goal and just as she is about to give up hope, she meets Susan Backley (Terri Oliver), a married freelance writer who offers to help in the form of safe, free accommodation until the baby is born. With the help of her newfound friend, Joyce sets out to make the ‘American Dream’ come true for her unborn child.

Anchor Baby highlights the struggles of many immigrants in the United States and other developed countries across the world, and features Nigerian “Nollywood” star Omoni Oboli (Figurine, Guilty Pleasures), Ghanaian-raised LA-based Sam Sarpong (Street Kings, The Dedd Brothers, Keeping Up with the Steins) and Canadian actress/songwriter Terri Oliver.

For more information and updates, follow their Facebook page HERE.

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This is by far the best African movie I’ve seen in a long time.


The liberal loons keep trying to make a case for the US to have open borders and not restrict immigration. The US needs to change its immigration laws and plug this gaping whole in its immigration policy. While they are at it finish the real border fence. There is legislation that will eventually get passed to close the anchor baby route to citizenship. Only Canada and the US currently allow this. The hideous cost of health care and the following 18 years of welfare are passed on to the taxpayers. Anchor babies have ruined emergency rooms along the Mexican border.

Jen Sunderland

Sounds like an interesting movie. The trailer is also amazing for an African production.

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