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Watch: Trailer For French Documentary ‘Tarantino: The Disciple Of Hong Kong’

Watch: Trailer For French Documentary 'Tarantino: The Disciple Of Hong Kong'

Update: Trailer removed by request.

While Quentin Tarnantino is known to be fan of all kinds of genre film, Hong Kong cinema in particular has been a foremost love (and major influence) for the director and that passion is being reciprocated.

A new, French produced documentary “Tarantino: The Disciple Of Hong Kong” brings together folks like Simon Yam, Gordon Liu and Ringo Lam — giving his first on camera interview in ten years — to discuss the director, and how Hong Kong cinema has shaped his approach and made its mark felt on his own films. It’s a pretty great idea and we’re surprised no one thought to do it sooner, but Twitch dropped the trailer, and the doc looks to be both scholarly (David Bordwell!) and a celebration of the very movies that continue to inspire Tarantino.

The documentary airs on French television and there’s no word yet of a Stateside version, though we’d imagine that one is in the works. It looks like a perfect candidate for the genre film circuit. It’s also a good placeholder until we get more news about “Django Unchained.” Check out the full trailer below.

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this song is awesome i would love to know what it is

Katie Walsh

French television?! Waannnnnnntttttt NOW.

Also love the song, need to know what it is!


Great idea. Anyone know what song that is playing under the trailer?

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