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Watch Trailer For “Hopelessly In June” Co-starring Keith Robinson, Ella Joyce And Johnny Gill

Watch Trailer For "Hopelessly In June" Co-starring Keith Robinson, Ella Joyce And Johnny Gill

Making it’s debut at the Dances With Films film festival in June, Hopelessly In June is a romantic comedy starring Vincent Brantley and Carolynn Neff.

The film tells the story of a green technology analyst from a staunch Baptist family who falls hopelessly in love with June, a successful businesswoman whose parents are a West Hollywood gay couple.

Co-stars include Keith David, Ella Joyce, Ed Asner, Johnny Gill, Tiny Lester and Keith Robinson. The film was also directed by Brantley.

For more info, go HERE.

Hopelessly In June Promotional Trailer from Cornbread Films on Vimeo.

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I’m becoming convinced we are in a generation for lack of a better word that is “clueless” about this art form that is actually a craft, less we forget that everyone isn’t equipped to do. Not to beat a dead horse to death, but this whole notion of not challenging ourselves as filmmakers is painfully apparent with the release or even mention of certain films. It’s almost like there’s this complacent attitude towards being okay with or worse uplifting mediocre work (writers, directors and actors alike).

I remain grateful for films like, I Will Follow, which is a step in the right direction. As a new writer/producer, I’m into creating entertaining quality films with touches of uniqueness that may not be popular, but damn sure what’s needed.

Adam Scott Thompson

When I see Keith David cheesin’ like Mantan, I already know what it’s hittin’ for.


Anyone who had anything to do with this needs to have the taste slapped out their mouth.




I actually really don’t understand what was going on in that trailer….

Please tell me I’m not the only one.


Will do Vichus! We miss your commentary.


Eh. Meh.

I will NEVER call “Zeus” “Tiny” Lister Tommy “Tiny” Lister!

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