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Watch Trailer For “Mr. Sophistication” Starring Harry Lennix

Watch Trailer For "Mr. Sophistication" Starring Harry Lennix

Here’s the trailer for Mr.Sophistication, an indie flick starring Harry Lennix. Based on IMDb, the film is…”The story of a comedian, Ron Waters, who is a Richard Pryor-type of entertainer who makes commentary about the world rather than one-liners. After a self-imposed exile from Hollywood, Ron is back.”

Directed by Danny Green, co-stars include Gina Torres, Tatum O’Neal, Bruce McGill, Monique Curnen, Rick Fox and Richard Brooks.

This is the second feature film for Green, who’s acted as an assistant or second assistant director on many films including Love & Basketball, Freddy Got Fingered, The Scorpion King, Stomp The Yard, Star Trek and Obsessed among others. His first feature was The Tenant starring Dylan McDermott, Snoop Dogg, Rose Byrne and Seymour Cassell.

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The following is a new trailer. Enjoy.


WOW! It's so easy to criticize. I guess I should look you all up on IMDB, must have some Oscar winners under your belt the way you are talking ;) Good for you. hate on!


I think the trailer looks good – it reminds me of the gritty movies of the seventies. I like the score, like the red titles – they actually add to the grittiness – and like the actors. And you’re right – at least it’s original.

It’s easy to criticize; it’s creating something that’s hard.

Good luck.



Looks like a made for cable movie from the 80’s. Which could be ok if it’s set in that decade, if not oh well-plus having Leon doesn’t help matters



Yeah you are right it could be the trailer.


Yes, it looks cheap. Hell, I’m sure it is cheap which isn’t a problem. Looking cheap can be though. Or perhaps its just the trailer that is cheap looking. In terms of story and character? I like the idea. He is playing a complicated character whose appears to be equally charismatic and flawed. Not some one dimensional Tyler/ITD Jakes individual. A definite plus. And Lennix seems up to the task. Plus there were a couple of good on-stage jokes.

But again….a badly done trailer. The intrusive score, the third rate editing, the red titles that pop up. Yuck. It is like I’m looking at the work of an undergrad.


Hmmm…looks like a cheap low-budget flick.

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