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Watch: Uma Thurman Can’t Stop Talking About Schweppes (Not Sex You Pervert)

Watch: Uma Thurman Can't Stop Talking About Schweppes (Not Sex You Pervert)

So….Uma Thurman is doing commercials for fancy sodas now? Ok.

Anyway, this spot has landed online with the actress in the throes of the strangest junket interview we’ve ever seen, talking breathlessly about Schweppes and then taking the weirdest swig of the soda from the bottle ever. Was that the best take? Really? They couldn’t pour it into a glass? Anyway, ginger ale never looked sexier. Check it out below. [AdRants]

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i live in France and i didn’t saw a movie with Thurman in theater since a long time but you can see her in 3 commercials actually ( for a car, a perfume and Schweppes) and this commercial is awful


I don’t know what to find more disturbing: Uma, or the fact that there’s a Raisin flavoured Schweppes.

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