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Weekend Box Office May 13-15

Weekend Box Office May 13-15

Though it dropped more than was hoped this weekend, Jumping The Broom is still doing well, and on track to be one of the most profitable films this year, when its production cost is compared to its eventual final box office take. Though Insidious , which is No.12 this weekend, will still hold that title, making over $50 million so far, on just under $1 million in production cost.

The very funny Bridesmaids co-starring Maya Rudolph (how many of you know that she’s the daughter of Minnie Ripperton?), came in No.2, with the potential to be the real sleeper of the summer film season; and other films such as Fast Five and Thor are holding on strong.

The rest below:

May 13-15, 2011 Weekend
Studio Estimates

1) Thor Par. $34,500,00 Total: $119,252,000
2) Bridesmaids Uni. $24,409,000 Total: $24,409,000
3) Fast Five Uni. $19,534,000 Total: $168,780,000
4) Priest SGem $14,500,000
5) Rio Fox $8,000,000 Total: $124,968,000
6) Jumping the Broom TriS $7,300,000 Total: $25,994,000
7) Something Borrowed WB $7,000,000Total: $25,647,000
8) Water for Elephants Fox $4,100,000 Total:$48,476,000
9) Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family LGF $2,200,000 Total:$50,218,000
10) Soul Surfer TriS $1,800,000 Total: $39,200,000
11) Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil Wein. $1,031,000 Total:$8,443,000
12) Insidious FD $965,000 Total: $51,681,000

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LA Woman

I do not know Maya Rudolph personally (I actually met her once…anyway), so I do not want to assume too much. However, I find it unnerving that she never had a black love interest in film and TV, or any male of color for that matter. I am all for interracial relationships. I also understand that Maya did not grow up with a black mother, since her mom passed when she was young. She seems to identify more with being white. I respect actresses like Halle Berry and Paula Patton who work with other black actors. Maya Rudolph and Rashida Jones seem to want to be incognegro…meaning they rather be identified as racially ambiguous. I think it's important for biracial people to embrace all parts of their background. Maya Rudolph seems to not want to embrace any of her blackness, except for token appearance in certain black documentaries or in SNL skits. There is no reason why one of her "bridesmaids" couldn't have been black.


Actually Shannon, you need to get a clue.

I don’t have time to school you on privilege, inequality and the history of being Black in America, BUT…..blackness is inescapable. Just ask Halle Berry. You can claim parts of your ancestry as in being part African, but you can’t be Black and White. Black and White refer to SOCIAL categories, not ancestries. African and Scottish, sure! Russian and Nigerian, go for it! But Blackness and Whiteness in America have something to do with ancestry, but EVERYTHING to do with skin color, stigma and complex social coding.

Plus, Maya Rudolph said she doesn’t consider herself Black. I think there is a difference in considering oneself multiethnic and considering oneself Black. If a person says, “I don’t consider myself Black, I consider myself multiethnic”, how do I need to get a clue? The girl says she’s not Black. I don’t just read between the lines and assume that she thinks of herself as Black because she says that she is multiethnic. I think Shannon, that you are putting something on her words that she never intended.

other song

anyway, I found the film uneven. Hilarious at times, and also endearing in spots, but it could have been written better. Some touch-ups would have made this film an outright classic.

but for now, it’s just a mixed bag. some good, some not so good.


Um, multi-ethnic/racial means that she is embracing the complete spectrum of her ancestry. Get a clue.


It seems like it would be a really sweet and slightly funny movie.

P.S. Maya identifying herself as bi-racial is fine. It doesn’t make sense to me for a bi-racial person to identify with strictly one race anyways.


Maya Rudolph does not consider herself Black. Look it up. She is very clear about the fact that her vision of herself as multiethnic/multiracial has helped her become so many different characters over the years, thus contributing to her success on SNL.

I TOTALLY respect that.

I however, can THINK of myself as many things, but the WORLD still, for some reason, insists that I am Black. Oh well.

Therefore I throw my lot in with other “Black” women who, because of the color of our skin and the texture of our hair, cannot decide to be free of the stigma of this Blackness. So I, like Geneva Girl, will not spend my very, very hard earned money on yet another film that shuts out us Black girls. You know, the ones who look Black and can’t seem to get passage on the Bi-racial super shuttle out of Negritude.

soma lux

Bridesmaids was a hilarious movie. You’re gonna miss out on a funny ass movie for bold women if you have that attitude.


From looking at several clips, she is a token, imo.

The are barely any black people in the movie and add to the fact, the chick couldnt get one bridesmaid of color.


Maya consider herself bi-racial i don’t know why people think she must identify herself as only “black” she is no different from Rashida Jones on Parks & Recreation.

Carlton Jordan

@Geneva silly rabbit.


So wait you’re not saying that Rudolph is not black are you? In fact she plays a black woman in the film. There are even a few scenes in the film involving her father who’s black with dreads

Geneva Girl

Yes, I knew that she was Minnie Riperton’s daughter. And, no, not one of those bridesmaids is black. It’s one of the reasons that I have no interest in seeing this movie.


Loved Bridemaids. No comment on Jumping the Broom, it was nowhere as good as the hype.

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