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Weekend Box Office (May 20-22)

Weekend Box Office (May 20-22)

No doubt with everyone relived that the end of the world didn’t come as predicted, people went out to the movies, making the latest” Do we REALLY need another one? Pirates of the Caribbean movie, No.1, with $90 million. Yet some analysts called that number “soft” because, evidently, they predicted that the film would have a bigger opening weekend. How $90 million for an opening weekend number, and a staggering $256 million worldwide opening gross (the 4th largest global opening gross ever), can be called soft, is a mystery to me.

I guess that means more Pirates movies will be coming. I can hardly wait…

Bridesmaids held up really strong, barely dropping from its opening $24 million last weekend, making $21 million this weekend, meaning the word-of-mouth for it is incredibly strong.

Jumping the Broom continues to hold on, and TP’s latest film sort of snuck up on people, making over $50 million to date. Yeah I know …there’s no end of it.

May 20-22, 2011 Weekend Studio Estimates

1) Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides BV $90,100,000
2) Bridesmaids Uni.$21,058,000 Total: $59,518,000
3) Thor Par. $15,500,000 Total: $145,406,000
4) Fast Five Uni. $10,631,000 Total: $186,219,000
5) Rio Fox $4,650,000 Total: $131,647,000
6) Priest SGem $4,600,000 Total: $23,683,000
7) Jumping the Broom TriS $3,700,000 Total: $31,318,000
8) Something Borrowed WB $3,425,000 Total: $31,428,000
9) Water for Elephants Fox $2,150,000 Total: $52,428,000
10) Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family LGF $990,000 Total: $51,757,000
11) Soul Surfer TriS $950,000 Total: $40,631,000
12) Midnight in Paris SPC $579,000

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Who is Black in the Fast Five movie?

Good for Bridesmaids! Let’s see if the sexism in this industry will give sway to MONEY!



That’s actually a higher percentage in proportion to the reality our country’s diversity reflected on the black front…

On the other fronts, however (Latinos, Asian-Americans, et al), now that’s another story.


Saw BRIDESMAIDS & PIRATES. BRIDESMAIDS is hilarious, PIRATES is really weak. Quite boring actually. Expect a big drop next week, word of mouth will be bad…well I dunno cuz peopke like Jersey Shore too LOL


I think people are tired of seeing a Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The storyline is getting weaker and weaker.

I also noticed that ONLY 3 films out of the 12 mentioned above have a Black cast. Fast Five, Jumping the Broom & Tyler Perry coonery-bafoonery Madea movie.

Hmmm…the industry needs to give people of color more opportunities. smh

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