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Why On Earth Is Take That Going To Be On The Soundtrack For ‘X-Men: First Class’?

Why On Earth Is Take That Going To Be On The Soundtrack For 'X-Men: First Class'?

Sorry, Matthew Vaughn. We think you’re great but dude, you have shit taste in music. While in pretty much every other department “X-Men: First Class” is looking like the classiest comic joint of the summer, that’s all about to be gummed up by what is sure to be one of the oddest closing songs of a period set movie ever.

At first, we didn’t quite believe the reports that circled among the Brit press last week, but now that there is more official confirmation, we’re still a bit flabbergasted. Brit boy band Take That — kind of the Blighty New Kids On The Block if you will — will have their new song “Love Love” play over the end credits of “X-Men: First Class” this summer. Unless they’ve suddenly gone all ’60s, that will be some kind of jarring outro to the retro film, but it’s not the first time the band and Vaughn have worked together. In fact, the director used their absolutely terrible “Rule The World” to close out “Stardust” — what is with Vaughn and aging boy bands?

Anyway, we’ll get our first taste of the tune when Take That premiere it live at the National Movie Awards in the U.K. on May 11th. But if you miss the show don’t worry, the song will be on every print of the movie when it opens on June 3rd. [NewsOnNews]

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WOW. I just love how all these people are bitching about how it will play during the credits of the movie…. NO ONE FUCKING CARES. If you hate it so much just leave the damn movie theater ok? Don’t see the movie if ur going to be a complete ass about this.

hey now

pshhh, Take That are epic. They’re on a real sci-fi kick right now. And relax, if you live in the US you can just mute the end credits. I guarantee that’s the only place you’ll ever hear the song. Even Rule The World was not included on Stardust’s sound track. It’s only available to purchase in Europe along with the rest of their post comeback material.


Actually, Ryan, their latest single is Kidz at the moment: :)


are you serious ? i’m not fan of Take That , but Rule the World was great and perfectely fit in Stardust !

Killer Hype

That does seems a little odd. However, all the other Xmen movies have chosen very well when it comes to the music placement selection of tracks. Also, I’m sure they watch this part of the film with this track in the background many times to make sure it brought out the emotion the director was looking for.

Tristan eldritch

Jesus christ. That’s fucking lame.

edward Davis

@BuntyHoven Step up our international game to recognize a terrible band? Yeah, they’re huge in the U.K. So what?


“Unless they’ve suddenly gone all ‘60s…”

I wouldn’t entirely rule that possiblity out. After all, British pop groups love revisting the sounds of the 60s and Robbie Williams has had songs like Millenium which sampeld the theme to “You Only Live Twice” as well as his covers album”Swing When You’re Winning”.


Wow. Watch the theaters empty as soon as the credits start…

The Playlist

Thank god, someone called out the shitty Foo Fighters song at the end of Thor. That was like, wtf? Blatant nonsensical music placement. There might as well have been a lower third that says, “buy the album here.”

Though it was a great intro to the equally dumb, after-the-credits scene which might as well have started out with IN OUR NEXT EPISODE OF THE AVENGERS SAGA…

The series is feeling more and more like TV.


I hope this is not true. They played that godawful song, Rule The World everywhere when Stardust came out.


(RE: Progress album) Not decade, century. That’s 11 years, but still say’s a lot. Ageing boyband only by number.

Kevin Jagernauth

Selling lots of records (or a lot of movie tickets) has nothing to do with how good or bad something is.

Sorry dudes, Take That are fucking terrible.


Oh dear. Take That are indeed HUGE – to add to Ryan’s point, they’re album Progress sold 2m within a couple of months – no album has sold more…this decade.

Rule The World was awful? Deary me. It was huge – the 25th best selling single of the noughties. Your taste in music is different – it wasn’t awful; most radio stations play it today.

That all said without hearing the new song. This is an awful piece of writing – thee paragraphs for a blog? Really? Really?

Drew Taylor

In defense of Mr. Vaughn, at least when it comes to the “Stardust”/Take That issue…

“Stardust” originally concluded with David Bowie’s “Starman” playing over the end credits (and indeed was shown to critics with this configuration), but at the last minute, they couldn’t secure the rights, so Take That came in and wrote that bullshit song, which is the purest instance of “grab your fucking coat and get out of the theater as quickly as possible” (at least until that Foo Fighters song that ends “Thor” – oof).

So Vaughn’s intentions were, at least once, quite pure. Don’t know why he’s going back to the Take That well, though.


While this news does reflect poorly on Matthew Vaughn’s musical choices, it still doesn’t touch anything Zack Snyder has ever done in any movie he’s ever made ever to infinity. “Hallelujah” during the awkward Watchmen sex scene is the worst decision of all time.


i like Take That, and IMHO Rule The World is a wonderful song that have worked perfectly for that underrated movie.


How is ‘Rule the world’ terrible ?


‘Rule The World’ is an epic cheesy delight – a true power ballad in the grandest tradition. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy, like a hug from your mother and a cup of tea. Hush your criticism!


Ya’ll need to step up your international game. Take That is HUGE. Robbie Williams just rejoined and they have an upcoming tour where they’ve sold out Wembley Stadium a record EIGHT NIGHTS IN A ROW.

I don’t know what youtube video you guys posted because they block Youtube at my work, but here’s their latest single:

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