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You Asked For It America: Craig Mazin Hired To Write ‘The Hangover Part 3’

You Asked For It America: Craig Mazin Hired To Write 'The Hangover Part 3'

Will The Wolfpack Head To Amsterdam Next?

Well this was inevitable. After “The Hangover Part II” shattered the R-rated comedy opening weekend numbers this past Memorial Day holiday with a ridiculous $135 million haul, plans are already moving on a sequel. And as befits a sequel that was a lukewarm and ultimately pretty boring retread of the first film, it looks like they’re gonna keep watering it down for the next go-round.

The Wrap reports that Craig Mazin, who co-wrote “The Hangover Part II,” has been hired back to pen the third installment. To those of you who disagreed with our sentiment that the film is pale copy of its predecessor that manages to both up the raunch and the filth and remain kind of boring all at the same time (this writer began losing interest after about an hour), this would be a good time point out that Mazin’s previous credits include: “Scary Movie 3,” “Scary Movie 4” and “Superhero Movie.” He also was one of the producers on what is arguably Todd Phillips’ worst film, “School For Scoundrels.” So if you want more of the same, that’s exactly what you’re gonna get. Mazin will probably just take the “The Hangover 2” script, scratch out wherever it says Bangkok, and replace it with something else.

So where will the The Wolfpack go next? “Probably Amsterdam,” Jamie Chung told THR at last week. “If you think of the coolest, craziest cities in the world, it would have to be Las Vegas, Bangkok and Amsterdam.”

“Amsterdam could be a different kind of hangover,” Justin Bartha added. “It could be fun. And Zach [Galifanakis] will probably already be there.”

But by time they get to filming, Amsterdam could no longer be the pot haven of the world. The Netherlands government recently announced that they may be drastically changing the rules surrounding their famous “coffee shops”: banning tourists entirely and making it more difficult for native citizens to get their brownies. Seems like a pretty effective way to kill tourism to the country in general, but what do we know. Either way, Todd Phillips recently said a third film would end the franchise, but if it keeps making this kind of mad cash we’re sure Warner Bros. will want to keep it going.

While we wish the original “The Hangover” writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore would come back, but they’re busy getting their own directorial career off the ground. “Rabbit Hole” star Miles Teller recently signed on in the lead role of the pair’s directorial debut “21 And Over.” But it doesn’t seem like they’re straying too far from “The Hangover” wheelhouse. The film follows “two childhood friends who drag their straight-arrow buddy out to celebrate his 21st birthday the night before an all-important med school interview. But when one beer leads to another, the evening spirals into a wild epic misadventure of debauchery and mayhem that none of them will ever forget.”

Is it possible to get a hangover from hangover movies? We’re beginning to think so.

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Mazin Fan

Mazin’s just getting started. Once he turns his attention to original work, he’s going to go from star-writer to superstar-writer.


I’m without an opinion on Mazin, but don’t be fooled into thinking Jon Lucas and Scott Moore could save the franchise. The original Hangover script from them was painfully unfunny, and read like a really shitty sitcom. Aside from the structure, basically everything funny in the movie came from Todd Phillips’ rewrites. This all makes more sense when you realize their most distinguished non-Hangover credits are Ghost of Girlfriends Past and Four Christmasses. That’s not to say I have much hope for the third Hangover at this point (as something of a fan of the original), but Phillips choosing not to bring those guys back was one of the few inspired decisions made on the sequel.

Joe Camel

People with great track records in writing, directing, acting, and producing certainly never made “Scary Movie 3,” “Scary Movie 4,” and “Superhero Movie.” Also “Senseless” and “Rocket Man” according to the IMDb. I really hate judging someone’s entire body of work from a few duds but when your entire body of work is nothing but duds, I think that judgment’s been earned.

doctor fart

there’s no arguing about it, “School for Scoundrels” is fucking terrible and it is definitely the worst in the questionable career of Todd “Coke Party” Phillips.


The Goldsmith hate is tiresome


This Mazin is the Alkiva Goldsmith of comedy.

Captain EO's Wonder Sauce (MAYBE Craig Mazin)

Your argument against Mazin possibly writing a funny script due to his track record is questionable. Can he not possibly write something funny?

Nevermind. I forget people with great track records in directing, writing, acting, producing, etc never make bad movies or anything and vice versa. Doomed to a life of mediocrity.

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