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2nd Trailer For “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” Gives Us More David Oyelowo + CGI Apes

2nd Trailer For "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" Gives Us More David Oyelowo + CGI Apes

It’s about 20 seconds longer than the first, and in addition to showing more of David Oyelowo’s seemingly “bad corporate guy” character, we get even more computer generated apes, which I can’t say I’m sold on just yet. Can’t get past the obvious effects, especially when juxtaposed against the real.

But I’m sure I’ll still check it when it opens on August 5th.

Watch below:

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Gotta disagree about the “obvious” effects. Some scenes are a little bit ‘off’ (character movement is slightly awkward) but, others (close up of Caesar in the cage, the rack focus from Brian Cox to Caesar’s face) are exceptional.

Weta is still completing the film, so the trailer might have unfinished shots (å la the first “Avatar” trailer) included.

Looks good to me.

Dankwa Brooks

The CGI looks fine on my computer monitor *dankshrug*. GREAT trailer though!


Brotha playing the corporate bad guy. Cool.

This movie give me the creeps. So scary, this concept. Can’t wait to see it. I never paid attention to the other movies before, but I love this prequel.

Can’t wait to see this.


See, this is why reading is fundamental, because I could’ve sworn the title said “GIves us David Oyelowo and other CGI apes.” Fail!


Keep in mind these effects might not be finished. Story and scope look killer to me. Bring it on!

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